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Chocolate Town!!!


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So what to say the boys turned TO into Brown Town without a doubt. They were spraying the shit around at full blast. I'm currently fighting off waves of nauseau and praying for the end of the business day but this is what I can piece together from last night. Still can't recall the opener oddly enough, I'm sure Todd and Stapes know what it was.

Spinal Meningitis, Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, Piss Up A Rope, Happy Colored Marbles,You Fucked Up, Don't Sweat It, Dr. Rock, Zoloft, Voodoo Lady, Roses Are Free, Captain, Help Me Scrape The Mucous Off My Brain, Buckingham GreenJohnny On The Spot E: Fluffy, Poopship Destroyer, Blarney Stone

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