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Garaj Mahal & Fat Cats - Halloween in Hamilton 2010


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Saturday, October 30, 2010

@ Casbah -- 9PM Doors -- LIC/AA :: $20 ADV

prizes for best costumes - $3 Jager, Sambuca, and Liquid Cocaine all night long!

kidp presents

Garaj Mahal is back with a new CD. Their last stop in Hamilton was

Halloween 2008 celebrating their release w00t, also with Hamilton's finest

roots rock band, Fat Cats. This time around they're dropping their new

album, More Mr. Nice Guy, fusing styles of down–and-dirty funk, prog-

jazz, world, and Middle Eastern music (plus Moog guitar!). Hamilton is

the only show in the area and if you missed the last one seize this

opportunity. Seeing musicians of this calibre in a Hamilton club is an

amazing experience. They're among the best musicians in the World, and

some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Read (and listen) below for more





Advanced tickets only $20, available at the Casbah (no S.C.), Dr. Disc,

Shady Grove (no S.C.), and www.ticketweb.ca (online and over the phone



Garaj Mahal features guitar and sitar virtuoso Fareed Haque (2009

Best World Guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine), world-

renowned bass master and educator Kai Eckhardt, gospel-inspired funky

jazz keyboardist Eric Levy, and genetically-funky Sean Rickman. Garaj

Mahal combines a century of musical experience to create a sound that's

always new, freshly infused with a wide spectrum of musical expression,

and always smoking hot. Band members have performed and/or recorded

with Sting, Dizzy Gillespie, Les Claypool, John McLaughlin, Cassandra

Wilson, Dave Holland, Bela Fleck, Chick Corea, Trey Anastasio,

Umphrey's McGee, Medeski Martin & Wood, Steve Kimock, Michael

Manring, and George Clinton.

Garaj Mahal mp3s

(from last three releases)


Beware My Ethnic Heart



Garaj Mahal - Individual Bios

(compressed versions)


Guitar virtuoso and Blue Note recording artist Fareed Haque enjoys a

career that spans the spectrum of musical styles. A recipient of North

Texas State University's Jazz Guitar Scholarship, Haque spent a year

studying with renowned jazz guitarist and pedagogue Jack Peterson.

Fareed's growing interest in the classical guitar led him to transfer to

Northwestern University, where he completed his studies in classical

guitar under David Buch, John Holmquist and Anne Waller. Fareed joined

the faculty of Northern Illinois University where he currently holds an

associate professorship in jazz and classical guitar studies (but don't ever

call him "Professor Haque," or he'll smash you over the head with an

MXR Distortion+). He has performed or recorded with such legends as

Sting, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Holland, Joe Zawinul, Lester Bowie, Edgar

Meyer, and Ramsey Lewis – read more >



Kai Eckhardt is a Liberian / German bassist known through his work with

guitarist John McLaughlin in the late 80's, Billy Cobham in the 90's and

Garaj Mahal in the new millennium. Other career highlights include

performances and recordings with Stanley Clarke, Wayne Shorter, Bela

Fleck, Victor Wooten, Michael Franti, Al Di Meola, John Scofield, and

Bill Frisell. Kai is currently a professor at the Jazz School Institute in

Berkeley, plus teaching engagements at the Berklee School of Music in

Boston, the Bass Collective in New York City, BIT in Hollywood, the

Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Austria, the Indian Institute of

Technology in Chennai, the Amsterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands,

and Victor Wooten's Bass and Nature camp – read more >



Born in Chicago in 1974 to musician parents his father was a well-known

local jazz flautist, and a preeminent early programmer of synthesizer

sounds. Eric programs all of his own patches as a result of his father's

teachings. Fareed Haque became Eric's professor and mentor at Northern

Illinois University where he was eventually told by his professors that 'you

have nothing left to learn here.' He began his life as a working musician in

the Chicago scene – read more > http://garajmahaljams.com/eric.html


Sean Rickman, a native of Washington DC, is a self-taught singer,

guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Sean has worked with guitarist Shawn

Lane, Phil Upchurch (Sean's father, a veteran guitarist and player on

Michael Jackson's, Off The Wall), Angela Bofill, Steve Coleman, and

Meshell Ndegeocello, including Meshell's album Cookie (nominated Best

Contemporary R&B Album at the 2003 Grammy Awards). He continued

to tour and record with Steve Coleman until 2002 performing on Genesis

& the Opening of the Way, Sonic Language of Myth, Ascension to Light,

Resistance is Futile, and the 64 Paths. Other acts include George Clinton,

Randy Brecker, and George Duke. – read more >





It is hard to write something new about the Fat Cats because everything

has been written about, discussed, and debated throughout the band's

storied, decade-long history. Begun in 1993 in Hamilton, Ontario, the Fat

Cats have changed personnel numerous times throughout the years, but

their style, dedication to the scene, and sonic intensity has never wavered

since their inception. Built on the solid foundation of Todd Gillies on

guitar and lead vocals, Chris Gatchene on guitar and vocals, and Dave Hill

on bass, the band has re-created their timeless originals and tasteful covers

with many different singers, drummers, and keyboard players over the

years while touring Canada and the United States and releasing two

fantastic albums, Daredevil and Cruelty's Cure in the process. With the Fat

Cats you get honest, no-bullshit folk rock night after night, regardless if

they play a set of originals or an all cover tune set. With their incredible

original tunes that beautifully mould rock, folk, country, and bluegrass

into pure musical emotion, and constant tributes to The Band, the Grateful

Dead, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly and countless others, the Fat Cats are

simply fantastic. By playing tunes like the traditional "Breadbox," their

trademark celebratory original "You," or a beautifully crafted rendition of

"Tangled Up In Blue," the Fat Cats provide what is often lacking in

modern popular music--unbridled and passionate emotion. I have seen the

band way too many times to count, and will continue to see them as long

as they keep playing. To sum it up, the Fat Cats are the quintessential

hometown band, and their shows are events where the whole town comes

together to toast a band that has been through thick and thin, but still plays

with a youthful enthusiasm night after night. -Shain Shapiro - Jambase


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Do it up O-town! Halloween in the Hammer is ALWAYS good times!

Do it up! Lets make it happen. Robo Funk Man wants you there.


Not the greatest quality pic but it's fun either way. I found it on the inside cover of the new Garaj Mahal cd, which is very good. It was taken Halloween 2008 at Pepper Jack's. He found the materials for his costume upstairs in the back hallway. It's Fareed Haque

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In the after-math of the Marco Benevento show, (ps: Tooly that's unreal how you made those pedals for Marco, I'll make sure to look out for you at Garaj Mahal to pass along some complimentary drinks! Nothing says hospitality to an artist like giving the guy free gear!)

..anyway, in the after-math of an amazing Marco Benevento performance, I just want to say how fantastically vibed KidP shows are. Brian, thanks for bringing the action to my bar.

I've got a few of my bartenders planning the decorations for the Garaj Mahal show. Halloween, can't wait!

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I've beeen a busy (and sick) boy of late and I was disappointed that I couldn't make it to the Marco show. Having said that, I'm on the mend and am stoked to be heading to another Halloween show in the Hammer on Saturday. Bravo to briguy and Brodie and everyone else involved for bringing such top-notch talent to the area!

Peace, Mark

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