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Garcia Tribute this Sat. @ Carleton Tavern (Ottawa)

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Murray: Ok guys! Band meeting. Bret.

Bret: Yup.

Murray: Jemaine..........Jemaine?

Jemaine: Well yeah, obviously.

Murray: Here...well you're here.

Jemaine: Well I'm here so why do I have to say that I'm here?

Murray: Well it's just that I've got it all written down, you know.

Jemaine: Yeah but I'm just here so if you can see me here...

Murray: Murray present. See? Even I do it. It's just how we do it.

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Mullet man is my friend George from work-just happened by serendipitously as his party in Vincent Massey Park got busted by police looking for a flasher....he's a good climber and rigger (walks the beams above the rink at Scotiabank hanging all the motors for the truss and PA above my (our) head(s) for all the concerts there)

Anyhoo thanks all for coming out and having a real good time....I suppose Hux didn't really sux all that much.....chickened out on the short shorts and leather vest though...ah well I guess you can't have everything.....

Special thanks actually to Hux and Terry Calder for extra work picking up the PA system and dropping it off after the show for no pay.... we knew the band was playing for free but hoped we wouldn't have to do all the labour....ah well some day maybe....made for a long haul-about 12 hours all in all....nice work fellas.

Thanks also to Jared for doing a great job on sound and hauling equipment as well at a reduced rate of pay.

Thanks to Chris Paul for coming up for the $ for the equipment and soundman. We wanted to play for free originally but then suggested a cover charge when we figured out how much it would cost for everything but he said he would pay himself.

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It must be bittersweet to have a video of your lovely lady on the last night her buns were still intact....for my part I'm sorry I contributed to them being danced off.

You can at least be assured that it is the best way to go for buns. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Hux's fault as he didn't play anything approaching rhythmical on this particular (or perhaps any other) night....perhaps we can blame Dave B the drummer as he can't defend himself here. He'd like nothing better than to have buns; danced off or otherwise.....and I can't blame him...

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What a fantastic evening at the good old Carleton Tavern. Thanks to everyone who managed to arrive early and cheer on No Buds for Bob. We had a lot of fun playing, and it was a thrill to open up for such a fantastic band.

Thanks Dave, Terry, Jeff and Dave for providing much of the equipment (especially the bass amp and drums for us) and such sweet tune-age.

A good friend of ours, originally from here, but now visiting from Vancouver (under sad circumstances - her dad passed away earlier in the week) said the evening of Grateful Dead music was just what she needed for cheering up. She wants to know if you guys are going to be playing again before she has to fly back to BC this coming weekend!

Great to see so many old friends and some new friends. Events like this should happen more frequently!

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I'd been on my feet since 8:30am and had already seen about 13 straight hours of live music when I walked into the Carleton at midnight for a "quick one".....

Scarlet > Eyes kept me dancing which I couldn't believe and I finally got home for bed at 2:20am.

Thanks to all the musicians, organizers and fine ladies and fellas who showed up, that was some really great music and an awesome time.

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