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Anybody knowledgable on Scotch whisky?


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I received a bottle last night. Upon closer inspection I notice it has a serial number, and knowing the person who gave it to me, I suspect it might be a pricey bottle.

It's a 26er of Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Quarter Cask. Anyone know anything about it?

I'm keeping it at an undisclosed location under lock and key, so forget it DaveyBoy.

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Now that it is established that it is not a $300 bottle of scotch so you don't have to save it until you are 85 years old, crack 'er open and drink it.

I've had a bottle of that before, I had a couple real nice glasses of it, then my Dad came for a visit. I think he just takes his revenge out on me for stealing his liquor in my teen years and watering down his bottles to make it look like I didn't take any. It didn't last long.

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I spoke to the owners of one of the biggest single malt collections in Europe while I was in Arran and he said that it has gotten so bad they can only buy bottles on auction at rediculously inflated prices (bear in mind they're right beside Islay where most of the best can be found). International markets (esp. China) have driven prices through the roof. he even gets buyers approaching him for purchases despite the fact he's not a distributor.

Part of the collection I sampled (all single malts!):


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