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Rick Bayless Twitter Contest


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Rick Bayless ran a twitter contest for the last month. Every week he would post a recipe on his twitter feed using only 140 characters or less (twitter limitation) and followers had to decode the recipe, implement, take a nice photo and submit.

I entered last weeks recipe for Chipotle Glazed Baby Back Ribs. Here was the tweet.

"Proc 4 grlc,6T ancho,4t sugr&peppr,5t salt,1t oreg,½t cumin.Rub 4 slb ribs;ovrnite.Bake 300 75 min.Blend:7oz chiptles&3/4c honey.Grill;glaze"

I roasted some dried ancho peppers and ground them. Then I mixed them with the rest of the dry rub ingredients and coated the ribs for about 24 hours. I grabbed a can of chipotle in adobo and pureed that with the honey. Ribs were baked for about 1 hr and a half at 300. I lit up the lump charcoal on the old weber glazed the ribs and finished them off.

Here's the list of winners. My entry is 2nd from the bottom on that list of WINNERS. Here's the final product, just before ms.hux and I devoured them. Mike-Bouchard.jpg

I'm one of the selected 10 winners who will receive a signed copy of Rick Bayless's latest book.

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