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Anyone got a extra seat, goin to Moe down?


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hey there ol hickster

cant help you out with a ride, but thought i'd post a word of advice for anyone headed to moedown ...

went to the furthur show at the castle at herkimer, and what a shit-show it was...

if you are going to a show at this venue, arrive WAY early. We got off the highway about 3 hours before showtime (the highway's within 5 miles of the show) and got into the lot about 20 minutes into the (late-starting) first set.

traffic was stopped, crawling, for those three painful hours.

we were not the only ones out of gas. (thankfully it's all downhill on the way out)

too late to find tickets into the show, but at least the venue realised they sucked so bad they shouldn't be charging us to park.

nice location, but holy crap they've got some logistics to work out.

i'd recommend showing up hours before the gates open. that was a really painful experience.

lot was wide open - no hassle, not even for the nitrous crews bombarding the stream of people at the one exit from the show. shakedown was set up in the back corner of the lot - not sure if many people even found it...


but back to the original post - somebody give the ol hickster a ride!!!

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