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Ween interview


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From Jambase.com

Nice long interview. As for the significance of the album, title Quebec:

"Yeah, it's just like anything else with our lyrics [laughs]. The first thing you want to accomplish is have something that sounds good, you know? Make people wonder what it means more than anything. It's kind of like a vibe thing with the record. It's sort of... For a while there we weren't really revealing what the significance was. We weren't saying one way or the other. But it's just kind of a vibe thing. If you've ever been up in Quebec City or Montreal, Quebec is sort of like this brown version of France [both laugh]. It doesn't have the class or whatever. It's not exotic, really [both laugh]. Kind of like a B version--on a romantic level. Like our record is sort of rainy and dreary, sort of doesn't have the class of Jacques Brel or something like that. It's more like an autistic Leonard Cohen kind of vibe or something [both burst into laughter] Which, I think he's from up there [Cohen is from Montreal--Ed]. So we called the record Quebec, it was like right in line with the vibe of the record. Plus it's a fucked up word to look at [more laughter]."

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