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Dick's pix and most 77/78 SBDs

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Does it include Evans Field House - Northern Illinois University October 29, 1977

I don't know what got into Jerry (well a few possibilities come to mind) but the opening Might as Well has him just going right over the top with enthusiasm; screaming and freaking at the end especially. There's no way they could have kept that tempo all night of course but the crowd must really have wondered what was coming next with that opening....

Here's a link to listen to a nice matrix:


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Thanks, I have all the DP and all the 1977 I want to keep already, but the 78s will help me sift/sort through the empty gaps in my 1978 collection until I dedicate a week to downloading the FLACs.

But for the truly adventurous, check bt.etree for the "Grateful Dead 1977 Project" (#1-10) and "Grateful Dead 1978 Project" (#1-11).

Be warned though, these FLAC torrents are big, averaging about 12-16GB per torrent.

- 77 project weighs in about 130GB overall (#1-10)

- 78 project weighs in about 300GB overall (#1-11) :dazed:

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