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Whats a Good Printer To Buy? dig pics, cd cvr


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i would like to buy a printer to print some cd covers and some of my hi resolution digi pics...

obviously this is going to cost a decent amount, as i want quality print outs...

Anyone have suggestions on where to start?

i guess id be willing to spend around 400-500 dollars, of course thats including a little photo paper...

Any advice is greatly appreciated...

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Wow, 500 bucks should get you a wicked printer. I got an epson for around $200 a couple of years ago, and I think it's still amazing, although I can only print up to 8.5 x 11

Large format would be sweeeeet...especially since you have a higher megapixel camera.

Definately stick with Epson

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the great thing about having the 6 separate tanks is that the cost is generally lower to replace the inks, because you'd never really have to replace all of them at once. now, if u did, you'd be screwed, but it never happens, because the photos you print are always going to be different.

so, each individual tank would be about $20 to replace, rather than having to replace an entire tank for close to $60, if say, you only ran out of yellow. see what i mean?

and with that, its perfect for doing resumes and shit, because for those you'd only be using black anyways.

the printer will print documents as well as photos, no problem. the great thing about epsons is they have (in my opinion) the best photo ink jet paper out there, and generally, they're pretty sophisticated with their pre-sets, to know how much ink to dump on the page. what i mean is, the printer already has settings built into the software to know the different types of epson papers, for the different applications. so, if you're using photo glossy, tell it you're using photo glossy, and it'll know how much ink to spit. if you're using regular paper for a resume, tell it that. that way you never have wasted ink, or blotchy photos, or whatever.

listen to bouche....stick with epson.

ps: the epson 960 and 2200, are the only epson ones i can think of with 6 separate tanks, otherwise, you gotta jump over to canon.

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I didn't know you could by the colour seperately.

Currently, my Epson has a colour cartridge and a black cartridge. They are about $30 each. However, if the colour runs out, the printer driver won't even allow me to print something that doesn't have any colour. That really sucks ass!

I don't need no steeeenking colour to print lyrics FFS!

BTW, I used to get a pack of hi quality photo paper at cosco. I think it cost me somewhere between $20-30 for 100 sheets.

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Thanks sheik, you were kinda the person i was hoping i could get some info from....

i know i can get a printer for 200 bucks, but i have one in front of me that cost about 140, and its fucking horrible...

so i figure i get what i pay for...which was crap in this case...

how much will it cost to replace the individual ink cartridges, and also, i'll be printing the odd black and white resume style thing, but i figure if i have a lot to print out, print one copy and photocopy the rest...

I'll check out that model, maybe i can find myself a good deal...

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i've been doing some searching for the two mentioned printers, the epson 960 and 2200.

Neither Staples or Futureshop seem to carry either of these products....

Ebay.ca also doesn't show either. Anywhere in Hamilton i should be looking, or do i have to go to Toronto?

As i said, i'd really rather not spend over 500 dollars, including some printing media.

Is this possible if i drive to Toronto? I'm seeing bowie in the beginning of December, maybe i'll grab it then. Or if i go for scaplers at the Simon and G concert, maybe that day....

Anyone have any advice where i should be looking for these two mentioned printers?

Thanks in advance btw.


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