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Just watch Newsroom. It's a far shorter slog.

The Newsroom was well-intentioned but terrible, and nowhere close to the writing / themes / acting / cast etc of West Wing. West Wing is his best and arguably the best show to be put on TV, though So

I have been really enjoying all the documentaries on Netflix. There's a ton of stuff I would never seek out to watch, but because they're so readily accessable, I throw them on and eat them up.*

[color:gray]*Way different than eating them and then throwing them up.

Good doc that we just watched on the weekend: Catfish. Really interesting story. Just do it.

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There won't be any movies about me, but FYI, there is a movie coming out called Doctor Kong about Hank Chien, a plastic surgeon from New York and HIS quest to get the high score in Donkey Kong (which he did, verified on Jan. 11, 2011).

He regained the record? Fack! I want Steve Wiebe to have the record!! }:(

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We recently watched "Moon"' date=' starring Sam Rockwell. Rather good, we thought. Interesting note: directed by Duncan Jones, otherwise known as Zowie Bowie, son of... yeah.[/quote']

It's not available on Netflix here. Are you getting netflix through a US account?

No. I think I have turned this into a "what good movies have you seen lately?" thread. Ooopsie.

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Someone else recommended Martyrs to me so it's definitely on my "to watch" list, even though I'm not really looking forward to it after reading some of the reviews. ;)

Is there a "bookmark" like feature with the Netflix interface? Often I'm browsing titles and would like to tag those that interest me so that when I get time to watch a movie I'll have a handy list to choose from.

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Isn't there a queue you use for that exact thing?

I think that's just for the mail order service.

not only that, the interfaces are different for each system. PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad, and internet. I'm sure that they'll add that feature. How can that NOT be the most asked for feature?

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I know I'm missing alot of recent finds, must-see's, and save-for-later items but these are a bunch of titles I've come across lately. Share what you've found.

Community Season 1

Funny assed show. It really picks up when you get part way through the season


If you haven't seen this series, you have no excuses now. I'm ready to re-watch it.

Arrested Development

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Completely and utterly worth re-watching and if you haven't....the Netflix free trial month is worth these 3 seasons and more alone.

Saturday Night Live seasons 20 thru 35

...plus all the Best Of's and other specials.

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