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How the trapped miners survived


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There are some very interesting details in this article in the Ottawa Sun on how the miners survived their ordeal. I had no idea there was this much going on down there.


Several of the men are football fanatics and one has even played professionally, so despite their isolation they managed to install a live feed of games like Chile's friendly match against Ukraine to watch using a small projector.

They have also received videos of football greats like Pele and Maradona and set up an area of their refuge for a small "casino" where they play cards, dominoes and dice games.

In recent weeks psychologists on the surface gave permission for them to get recent editions of national newspapers.

The miners have also received small music players and speakers as well as Bibles and rosaries blessed by Pope Benedict.

The smokers have made do with patches and nicotine gum.

One of the miners' most relished gifts was a small high-definition video camera with which they've recorded a large part of their ordeal. Despite the hazards they confront, the men have maintained high spirits and the most distinguished humorists among them have dispatched eight hours of their favorite jokes on film.

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