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Worst SNL Skits/Reccuring Characters


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It's Pat


Goat Boy

The Cheerleaders

Queen Shanequa ( Ellen Cleghorne )

Pat Stevens ( Nora Dunn )

Stuart Smalley

Jonathan Jan Kolavecci (The Master Thespian)

Any song by Victoria Jackson

Night At The Roxbury

Linda Richman

Making Copies

Nat X

Anything featuring Molly Shannon

Grumpy Old Man

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dude!! Jaimoe!!

we are so breaking up!!

I LOVE mango!!

and in defence the Will Farrel spartan Spirit skits are soooo funny!!!!

but the "Lovers" (were he and his wife keep calling eachother lover)...skit is horrid!

and in defence of Molly Shannon...."Dog Show" and some pant wetting hilarious moments

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