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Garth Hudson Strikes Up The Band With An All-Canadian Line-up!


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From The Sadies' FB fan page news thinger:

35 Years After “The Last Waltz,†Garth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band! In Stores November 16, 2010

After 10 studio albums, inductions into the Grammy® Hall of Fame, JUNO Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and 35 years after their epic farewell concert, “The Last Waltz,†The Band’s Garth Hudson (Keyboards and Saxophone) brings us Garth Hudson Presents A Canadian Celebration of The Band, with partial proceeds to support The Hospital for Sick Children. In this first ever solely Canadian recording of The Band’s songs, original band member Garth Hudson enlisted Canadian musicians Blue Rodeo, Bruce Cockburn, Great Big Sea, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Mary Margaret O’Hara, The Sadies and Neil Young, among others, to create this historic album. “It was very organic how the artists and songs matched up so perfectly. I had aural visions of how each song could be enhanced by the talent of each artist … each voice, instrument, and spirit.†– Garth Hudson

This is the first time any collection of The Band songs has been curated and produced by an original member of the group. Rarities beginning with The Basement Tapes on through latter-day albums Jericho and High on the Hog are again new. “These songs were among the most enjoyable to me while The Band was together because of the words, or the story, or humour … an example of all three is the reading of “Clothes Line Saga†written by Bob Dylan and sung by Margo Timmins with Cowboy Junkies. Each of these songs stands on its own, yet they mystically sequence together as a string of jewels.†– Garth Hudson Produced and performed by Garth Hudson with Grammy® award-winning co-producer and engineer Peter J. Moore at his side.

GARTH HUDSON plays keyboards on all tracks along with the following artists:

1. Forbidden Fruit – Danny Brooks & The Rockin’ Revelators

2. Out Of The Blue – Mary Margret O’Hara

3. Acadian Driftwood – Peter Katz & The Curious

4. This Wheel’s On Fire – Neil Young and The Sadies

5. Ain’t Got No Home – Suzie McNeil

6. Clothes Line Saga - Cowboy Junkies

7. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere - Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle

8. Sleeping - Bruce Cockburn & Blue Rodeo

9. Yazoo Street Scandal - The Road Hammers

10. The Moon Struck One – Raine Maida

11. The Shape I’m In - The Sadies

12. Tears Of Rage – Chantal Kreviazuk

13. I Loved You Too Much – Hawskley Workman

14. Knockin’ Lost John - Great Big Sea

15. King Harvest - Blue Rodeo

16. Move To Japan – The Trews

17. Genetic Method (Anew) – Garth Hudson

18. Chest Fever – Ian Thornley & Bruce Cockburn

Raine Maida commented: “It is an honour to be a part of this record. Garth is without question a living legend and the opportunity to record "Moon Struck One" live off the floor with an artist of his genius will be an experience I treasure always.â€

The Band’s original ensemble consisted of Canadians Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson, and American Levon Helm from Arkansas. The Band began as The Hawks with Ronnie Hawkins, then Levon & The Hawks, and officially becoming The Band in 1968 and performing together until 1976 … with their last concert documented in the Martin Scorsese film “The Last Waltz.†They reunited from 1983-1999. The Band continues to be one of rock’s most influential and enduring groups. Now there are members who have passed and three founding members continue on with their individual lives and projects. Here is one project that is especially personal to one charter member … an intimate project Garth Hudson wanted to share with his country in an all-Canadian celebration of his life in The Band with the songs he enjoyed most.





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Ian Thornley is a hell of a player, be interesting to see if he keeps Bruce in check. :)

I liked Big Wreck and I've seen Thornley join the Mule in Toronto on a few occassions. He can hold his own with Haynes no problem. However, he's now a Chad Kroeger guy (he signed with Kroeger's label and thus has all of his songs and overall sound tweaked to Kroeger specifications).

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I'll be shocked if Chantal can pull a rabbit out of her hat and do some sort of justice to "Tears of Rage"; but I do hope she does a good job of the song. She's extremely arrogant, self-obsessed and over-dramatic. During an interview, she was asked what was the first song she ever learned on guitar. She said: "One of my own songs". She also named her dog after herself. Being married to a fuckface a-hole only adds to her credibility.

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I didn't realize Thornley was still active. Just looked him up pulled this gem off his website:

Among the fans, the frustration is palpable, and message boards teem with speculation, worry, and impatience. And Thornley himself - urgently dragging on a cigarette as he talks - is audibly chomping at the bit to finally bring the last half decade of foot-dragging to an end with his newest and, in his words, "ballsiest" album yet.

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Hudson back with The Band hits


The Band's legendary organist-keyboardist Garth Hudson was in Toronto to talk about a new all-star compilation of The Band's greatest hits featuring Hudson and who's who of Can contemporary musical talent that should be out by Nov. 16 (Jack Boland /QMI Agency)

Trust me: They just don't make rock stars like The Band's Garth Hudson anymore.

The 73-year-old master of the organ and keyboards -- born in Windsor, Ont., but raised in London, Ont. -- is a slow-talking, friendly, but eccentric interview subject who occasionally looked skyward, asking for the Lord's help, during a half-hour chat in Toronto.

Hudson is the impetus behind the first all-Canadian compilation CD of his favourite Band songs -- Garth Hudson presents A Canadian Celebration Of The Band -- which went on sale Tuesday (Nov. 16), with some of the proceeds going to the Sick Kids Foundation.

An in-demand session musician since The Band's original lineup split in 1976, Hudson played on, and produced, each of the album's 18 tracks. Musicians include Neil Young and The Sadies covering This Wheel's On Fire, Chantal Kreviazuk on Tears Of Rage, and Blue Rodeo doing King Harvest.

"I thought about who might sing the songs early on," said Hudson, seated behind a Yamaha keyboard in a hotel suite while his wife, Maud, looked on.

"Would certain songs from our catalogue work with somebody else, somebody in the folk world, somebody in the country music (world), or somebody in the jazz world? More recently, I investigated The Band box set, and in getting prepared for that (I) looked through pretty well the whole catalogue, and all the bits and pieces. And Maud came up, really, with the concept."

Hudson, who now lives in the Catskills near Woodstock, N.Y., said they recorded the album over the past year in three different recording sessions in Toronto.

When asked if compiling the tracks made him think about The Band's lasting musical legacy, he seemed almost reluctant to answer.

"I just do not know how far this will go. It seems to be carrying on as an entity, a body of work, a catalogue. There are about three or four (of The Band's songs) that have been played by young people all over the world, and young bands that picked up on our work," Hudson said. "There are three (songs) -- I don't know what to call them. Chestnuts? Evergreens? Turkeys? No -- very popular pieces. The Weight, Up on Cripple Creek, and The Shape I'm In."

He said the other surviving members of The Band -- singer-guitarist Robbie Robertson and singer-drummer Levon Helm, both of whom he has worked with since the breakup -- know about the album and have given it their blessing. Sort of.

"I would imagine they won't say much about it," Hudson said. "But I think it's OK. Levon knows, and he's heard it. And Robbie's heard some."

Still to come, one hopes, is a one-off live version of the new album.

Bob Young, Neil's older brother who is currently one of Hudson's co-managers on this project, said the ideal time to do such a concert would be the week leading up to the March 27 Juno Awards in Toronto, when many of the artists would be in town for the 40th anniversary of the Canadian music awards.

"If we do a major show with all these acts, that's probably the path of least resistance," Young said. "But I don't know whether it is (going to happen) or not, because we haven't contacted anybody to discuss it."

Hudson said he has been interviewed for a three-hour, three-part TV documentary for Bravo/CTV about the early rock scene in Toronto, set to air during Junos week.

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