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U.S. Mid term elections-Results are in..GAME OVER!

The Chameleon

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the Dems kept the senate. Obama has been hugely dissapointing. he had the political capital to get stuff done when he first got into office and did very little. And now it's all lost. And the dems who still have seats are going to be very weary of helping him out too much.

The stimulus package was way too small (and almost non-existent in reality).they got health care through, but with some major compromises. and the idiots who will get helped the most from it don't want it.

they did a lousy job of selling this to the public. actually Obama has done a lousy job in the PR department since he took office.

although when you have to deal with lying scumbags on the other side (i.e. the tea baggers) who are financed by big money it's a huge challenge. still Obama should have done much more while he had the chance. worse case scenario we have what we have now. best case scenario, employment actually increases, the economy improves and Obama gets the credit.

Blame The Whiny Center

So, we’re already getting the expected punditry: Obama needs to end his leftist policies, which consist of … well, there weren’t any, but he should stop them anyway.

What actually happened, of course, was that Obama failed to do enough to boost the economy, plus totally failing to tap into populist outrage at Wall Street. And now we’re in the trap I worried about from the beginning: by failing to do enough when he had political capital, he lost that capital, and now we’re stuck.

But he did have help in getting it wrong: at every stage there was a faction of Democrats standing in the way of strong action, demanding that Obama do less, avoid spending money, and so on. In so doing, they shot themselves in the face: half of the Blue Dogs lost their seats.

And what are those who are left demanding? Why, that Obama move to the center

some great comments on that post:

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both. Louis Brandeis. The story of this election.
Obama pursued leftists policies in the same universe that government spending has skyrocketed.
Technically, to move to the Center, Obama will need to go Left from where he's been standing so far...

more here

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Well the dems might have kept the senate but just barely and not the 60 seats they need to really do anything.

I think Obama did more in his 2 years than any president in living memory..

-He gave American health care for the first time

-Saved them from another depression

-Got the stimulus paid back with interest

-Saved the auto industry and American auto sales are up 25% and rising.

-Consumer spending is rising for the first time in 4 years.

-He also signifigant tax breaks to ordinary Americans.

I think he did pretty awesome in 2 years. I agree with you though he failed miserably to sell his accomplishments to the average American. Most don't see what he ahs doen for them.

Personally I don't think anyone could do more in two years given the shit sandwich Bush left him..

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1. they don't have free single payer healthcare system, nor do they have a public option.

2. Consumer spending in this age of debt means nothing in the long term.

3. 'Significant' is very subjective.

4. SLOWED them from a depression, not 'saved'. Look at what happened at the end of the '20s - crash. When the economy tanked less than a decade earlier and no bailout the NA economy went back to normal.

What's important to note is that ANY president after Bush would have the same fix it up situation.

We'll have to see if they nix the 2 term limits after this next election.

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