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Fat Cats, Days of You, House of David Gang in Toronto on Fri. Dec. 10

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Word has it that the Fatties are alive and kickin' these days! I'm still a maybe for this show, but I'm hoping I'll be able to make the journey to check it out.

There have been numerous threads about the Cats on this message board over the years. I've certainly chimed in on many occassions, gushing on about how much I enjoy the band. Here are a couple of links to old threads about the Fatties ...



The tough part was finding threads where I haven't chimed in!

It's getting close to 20 years that the band has been together ... long live the Fatties!

Peace, Mark

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I'm lookin forward to this...

I remember seeing the fatties on my 19th B day... Been hooked ever since. I'm amazed that they're sounding better than ever these days!!! :D

I'm pretty sure I have some kitty attire... I may sport it for beer :D heheee

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