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Anyone have these albums?


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Poets of Rhythm - Discern/Define

Breakestra - Live Mix pt 2

The Hummers - Save the Jets

Yesterday's New Quintet - Angles Without Edges

Chick Chorea - Light as a Feather

I'm going cd shopping at lunch (hey it's payday). All these albums are rated pretty good on allmusic.com. Just wondering if ya'll had any input...

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Chick Corea - Light as a Feather

1. You're Everything Listen Listen Listen

2. Light as a Feather Listen Listen Listen

3. Captain Marvel Listen Listen Listen

4. 500 Miles High Listen Listen Listen

5. Children's Song Listen Listen Listen

6. Spain


Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com essential recording

Featuring the same band as the first Return to Forever album--vocalist Flora Purim, saxophonist-flutist Joe Farrell, bassist Stanley Clarke, and drummer Airto-- 1973's Light As a Feather was the result of a conscious effort on Chick Corea's part to communicate with a broader audience. Although Corea's electric piano and Purim's spacey-samba vocals might sound dated, the album includes a couple of Corea's most beloved compositions, "500 Miles High" and "Spain." Subsequent Return to Forever albums turned to conceptual bombast and silly fantasies. Here, Corea strikes an appealing balance between art and accessibility. --Rick Mitchell

Classic light fusion., October 3, 2001

Chick Corea was ahead of his time. I think this album foresaw the onslaught of smooth jazz that would come in the 80's. Of course, this is no mere smooth jazz album. This contains classics: Children's Song, 500 Miles High and Spain. Later, RTF would become more of a powerhouse, with the addition of Al DiMeola and Lenny White.

The player I am most taken with on this disc is Joe Farrell. His flute runs are breathtaking. I

Flora Purim is in rare form, sounding on "Light As a Feather" like a less inhibited Astrud Gilberto. Her then husband Airto entertains as well.

What can one say about Stan Clarke? His fingers move faster than any SST. He's mainly ceased the acrobatics these days, but he is in true form here, and on every RTF title.

This is a must have for any fan of jazz.

500 Miles High alone is worth it and Joe Farrell is a killer....n

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haha i totally agree earthfreak, a friend of mine got the new b.e.p. album and i spent a few good minutes laughing as well.

the new outkast album is realy good. i just finished reading an article from rolling stone about them over breakfast this morning, and it realy explained where theyre at in their career right now. basically they're two solo artists connected now only by formality and a name. they weren't even present at eachother's recording sessions. i'm liking it though, so it doesnt bother me.

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