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Originally posted by CyberHippie:

Went to Rotate this, and they only had Les Stances, which was like $28, not the double release. I'll have to look elsewhere...

On the plus side, I did get:

Sun Ra - Space is the place

The Hummers - Save the Jets

The Poets of Rhythm - Discern/Define

I gots me some listening to do!

$28, eh? Must have been an import... I paid about $14 for mine - although it sounds like it was re-mastered from vinyl (a little hissy at times) it still sounds fucking great.

"Space Is The Place" is a fun album... enjoy!

(Awake again, and sober now. [Wink] )

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The Art Ensemble of Chicago kick some serious ass.... good call Hamilton!

Here's a little more info....get any solo albums by these cats too, esp. Roscoe Mitchell...Nn

The Art Ensemble of Chicago Group:

The primary members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago are Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell, and Malachi Favors. Don Moye has been their percussionist since 1972.

ECM Artists Page

A Jackson in Your House/Message to Our Folks - Affinity AFF 752

People In Sorrow Nessa N-3

Eda Wobu - JMY 1008-2

Live - Delmark DE-432

Nice Guys - ECM 1126

Live In Berlin - West Wind WW 2051

Full Force - ECM 1167

Urban Bushmen - ECM 1211/1212

The Third Decade - ECM 1273

Live In Japan - DIW 8005

The Complete Live In Japan - DIW 8021/8022

Naked - DIW 8011

Dreaming of the Masters Vol. I: Ancient to the Future - DIW 9014

The Alternate Express - DIW 8033

Art Ensemble of Soweto - DIW 837

Live At The Eighth Tokyo Music Joy 1990 - DIW 842

Dreaming of the Masters Vol II: Thelonious Sphere Monk - DIW 846

Dreaming of the Masters Suite - DIW 854

Some of the best free jazz and beyond.....

You might also want to check out some of these guys....

Albert Ayler tn sx

Frank Lowe tenor sax

Joe McPhee tpt

Anthony Braxton sxs

Cecil Taylor

Creative improvised music at it's best!! Nn

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There. I imagine that the subject line got those who are interested...

Okay, so here's the deal... I've been listening to a lot of jazz over the last two or three years, particularly beyond the Miles Davis/John Coletrane stuff that gets everyone started. I've found a lot of good stuff, but I'm always looking for it - y'know, the feeling you felt the first time you "got" Kind of Blue, or Bitches' Brew, or A Love Supreme, or My Favourite Things, or whatever it was that made you feel that way (insert your own favourite Davis/Coletrane/Monk/Mingus/Dolphy/Shorter/Parker/Hancock/Gillespie/whatever thing here).

I think I found it.

Go check out the new EMI France series "Americans Swinging In Paris" - lots of ol' time jazz like Lionel Hampton, but also the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

That's it. Buy this. Two albums on one CD, 1970's "Les Stances A Sophie" and 1969's "People In Sorrow".

Jesus Fuck.

Spacey, like the Grateful Dead during drums/space... funky... jazzy... trippy... sometimes Sun Ra-ish.... I dunno what else to say. MarcO, secondtube, Esau13, Cyberhippie - I'm lookin at YOU. Go. Now. To the store. As far as I know, this is the only CD edition of these albums.

HURRY UP, for fuck's sake!!!!

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