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Jesse McReynolds - Songs of the Grateful Dead: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia..


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and Robert Hunter

I don't know if this has been posted here yet but I was doing some browsing on the internet a week or so ago and found this. I ordered but haven't got it yet......looking fwd to it!

For those of you wondering who Jesse McReynolds is, he's an old school bluegrasser who was 1/2 of the group Jim and Jesse McReynolds.....and was one of Garcia's major bluegrass influences.

I listened to Black Muddy River......sounds great! The last tune on the record is one that Jesse co-wrote with Hunter.

Here's the tracklist;

01. Black Muddy River

02. Ripple

03. The Wheel

04. Bird Song

05. Franklin’s Tower

06. Standing on the Moon

07. Loser

08. Fire on the Mountain

09. Stella Blue

10. Deep Elem Blues

11. Deal

12. Alabama Getaway

13. Day By Day

more info here:


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Played the Philly Folk Fest in August and saw his name on the bill but couldn't place it...soon as he came out on stage and I saw his face on the screen I knew he was dude from Jim & Jesse. He talked about this record quite a bit onstage and did one or two tunes, Black Muddy River for sure. Dude can still play, it was awesome to see him.

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