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Jay Funk Dawg

Hot Buttered Rum tonight in Boulder

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Hey Folks,

Today I'm in Boulder, Colorado - looking forward to checking out the Fox Theatre tonight - Hot Buttered Rum are playing. I'm not really familiar with them, but I've heard their names enough time to know it's some type of jam-grass stuff. Any one checked them out?

I'm here in Boulder for rest and relaxation after the incredible NuJazz Fest - I'm visiting my fiancee Karen who's here working for NCAR - Mesa Lab - an atmospheric research centre for 9 weeks.

Any ideas om stuff to check out here, and around Colorado are appreciated - I'm here for a couple of days and we've rented a car for the weekend.


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Nice! Such a rad town. I was sad to leave there this past summer, after having lived there for a year.

The Fox is a nice venue in terms of layout and sound quality, but the staff are generally terrible. It's right in the university section of town, so they tend to treat everyone like a wasted underage douchebag. Lame. I'm a much bigger fan of the Boulder Theater.

If you dig books, Boulder Bookstore is awesome. Right on Pearl Street, three floors and a ton of small rooms and nooks and crannies. An awesome spot to get lost in for a while, and there's a decenct selection of non-fiction music books upstairs in the ballroom. Tell them Hart said hello (it was one of the places I worked).

Illegal Pete's, right at the beginning of the Pearl Street pedestrian mall, is an awesome spot to grab a burrito. It's not gourmet, but pretty damn tasty and always filling in a good way.

For beers, I enjoy the Mountain Sun - just a couple of blocks before the mall on Pearl St. The atmosphere isn't much, but they have great home brews - reasonably priced - and really quality live music on Sunday nights if you're around that long. Always free, and bands like Yonder and SCI played there regularly in their younger days. Conor O'Neil's is a decent pub for grabbing a beer, and they usually have live music on Saturday nights. I have been pretty impressed with some of the bands I've seen there, most of which were not even remotely "Irish." (Edit to add: Conor's has some kick-ass nachos).

For a day trip (or even an afternoon), you would be crazy to miss Rocky Mountain National Park. About a 45 minute drive from town, and you're almost guaranteed to see herds of elk. The scenery alone is worth the trip. Make it a long drive home and take the Peak-to-Peak highway and cruise through Nederland - an awesome little mountain town that's just up the canyon from Boulder but feels like a totally different world.

I could go on, but hopefully that's enough for now. Hit me up with a PM if you want more info. Boulder is a fun spot.

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Thanks for all those suggestions Hard, The Boulder Bookstore was awesome - the guy that I dealt with was new - he was student - didn't know you, but said he'd pass on the message. I ordered the autobiography of Bill Graham - been looking for that book for a long time.

I also got to take a tour of SCI Fidelity Records and get some insights into the String Cheese Incident history.

I didn't end up going to see Hot Buttered Rum - I ended up going to a pot luck with some local friends of my finacee. We showed up an the host house where they had build their own outdoor stone oven and we enjoyed some great pizza and tasty homebrew. The night ended with a bluegrass jam - we played Rocky Top, The Pines, Shady Groove, Please Don't Bury Me, some fiddle tunes and other bluegrass standards till late.

Today we're off to Rocky Mountain National Park! Hopefully Ozomatli on Sunday.....

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