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QOTD: Title of your biography


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This is posted on a Thursday night (procrastination from what I should be doing) but is in the spirit of Friday morning/afternoon.

What would your biography or auto-biography be titled? After some consideration, I've come to the conclusion that mine would be titled "Complicated: The Brain Sneezed Electricity"

Suggestions for other skanks (ie. not your own) bios equally welcome.

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The True Story Of The Life And Times Of Velvet

Send me a copy! I'd read the shit out of that ...

While not an autobiography in the strict sense, the one that really got away from me was "Of Joe. Of Japan." When I lived Quebec side, I'd write it in my head while on the bus into Ottawa territory. It was something of a commentary on the role of metaphor and the way that we can create meaning out of just about anything. "Joe"'s life was contrasted with events from imperial Japan and all manner of similarities were drawn out, though Joe himself knew nothing about, nor had any interest in, imperial Japan.

I guess it was auto-biographical, in its own way. There was a killer section that began with "It could just as well have been a yellow canary" in which all the Japan metaphors go out the window and a bird takes their place. Just to show how we can create meaning out of absolutely anything.

More book titles please, folks.

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