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Dec22 w/members of BNB, Fat Cats, Diesel Dog, Chester, Sam Klass, Bankers


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Wednesday December 22 @ Casbah (lounge)

Burt Neilson Band duo w/ Mike Filipowitsch & Jeff Heisholt,

plus Todd Gillies from Fat Cats w/ Dan Walsh from Diesel Dog,

Rob Willett & Jamie Shea from Creepin' Chester,

Sam Klass, and Steven Vincent from The Ragged Bankers

~ feat. members from Burt Neilson Band, The Trews, Fat

Cats, Diesel Dog, Creepin' Chester, The Ragged Bankers

@ Casbah Lounge -- 8PM -- 19+ :: $8 adv/dos

306 King St W, Hamilton







Tickets available now through Ticketweb.ca, Casbah (in person

and online), Dr Disc, Where Heads Meet,

and Shady Grove.


This is in the Casbah lounge (the small room at the Casbah) plus it's a holiday show and I'm expecting a bunch of people will be home from out of town. With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to make adv tickets available. They're $8 adv and if there's any left they'll also be $8 at the door. This is gonna be such an amazing show. Guaranteed.

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Um. Bump. Guess I'm sitting in with Dan & Todd. In all my years of going to see BNB I don't think I've ever seen Mike & Jeff play as a duo. I've seen Mike solo, and I've seen both of them play in a range of different collaborative formats, but never just the two together. REALLY looking forward to it.

Estimated set times Briguy?

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FYI : I am now Steven Vincent as my real last name is a mouthful and [color:purple]I feel that people generally don't trust Italians.

I will be performing my first solo set and it will be about a half hour length at the beginning of the night.

I will let Briguy fill you in on the set start times.

I am a little nervous, but seeing some of you out early would help? That and my usual 16 beer preset regiment. I don't get through much of the tunes, but the banter! Not to be missed :-)

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This is gonna kick ass. I'm with ya edger on the Mike/Jeff experience, and it's so awesome you're sitting in with Todd and Dan. I thought the night couldn't get any better and now this. Amazing.

Set times

Mike Filipowitsch & Jeff Heisholt - 12:55 to 2:10

Todd Gillies, Dan Walsh, and Edger - 11:40 to 12:40

Rob Willett and Jamie Shea from Creepin' Chester - 10:25 to 11:25

Sam Klass - 9:40 to 10:10

Steven Vincent from Ragged Bankers - 9:00 to 9:30

these set times are pretty firm although there won't be much gear to deal with so I might try to start the 11:40 set at 11:30, which would also get Mike and Jeff up there 10 minutes earlier. I like this idea but there's some space to work with just in case. Either way music starts at 9pm.

Now that I think of it I'm wondering if we might see the 11:40 set blend into the 12:55 set. One of the guys mentioned playing some tunes together so maybe we should fill the 15 minute set break and create one long set with a killer jam in the middle. This would be cool.

I also recommend checking out Sam's set. I've been booking him shows for a few years now and I think he recently took a step up in his playing. I had him open the Marco Benevento show in Hamilton and I was really impressed with his vocal/guitar looping.

Can't wait to see you guys!

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Very excited about this as well. And yes, I am hoping for some collaborations as well...

..well about to hit the road to Southern Ontario. So looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, having some pints, playing some music and swapping stories of the past, present and then making some up about the future...

See y'all soon!

Mike Filipowitsch

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That was a great show. Everyone played wonderfully although I admit I missed a good portion of the Creepin Chester duo, unfortunately. I love that little room and I love my musical friends.

I can't tell you how blown away I was to see and hear my dear friend Sara (edge on the board) sing so beautifully and hold herself with such grace. Folk on, sister.

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Folk on, sister.

;) thanks so much for the kind words Marc. Sure made things a lot easier being able to look up to the smiling faces of so many of those that I love. Shucks. It was fun.

I had a great night, start to finish. Actually I thought the lounge was a nice setting for a warm holiday vibe.

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