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These are from another board I frequent. Not my uploads. I have no idea if all the links still work.


Marin County Bluegrass Festival

April 27-28, 1974

Golden State College, San Rafael, CA

source: sbd reel

exact gen unknown

Jerry Moore's copy

lineage: reel playback on Sony TC-765>sbm1>dat>cdr>soundforge>cdr>eac>flac

transfered by Rob Berger '99

disc 1: 75:25

Cornbread: (4/27)

01: Old Joe Clark

02: I Don't Believe You Met My Baby

03: Fire On The Mountain

Homestead Act: (4/27)

04: I've Been Everywhere

05: Take Five

06: Columbus Stockade Blues

07: Chime Bells

08: Diggy Liggy Lo

09: The Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Emmylou Harris: (4/27)

10: Jambalaya

Tut Taylor and Norman Blake: (4/27)

11: Instrumental

12: Southern Railroad Blues

Mac Wiseman: (4/27)

13: Footprints Through The Snow

14: Keep on the Sunny Side

15: Wabash Cannonball

16: Mule's Done Gone Away

Jim & Jesse McReynolds: (4/27)

17: Are You Missing Me

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/27)

18: Poor Boy Blues

19: Wabash Cannonball (same as above..)

20: Salt Creek

21: Tennessee Stud

Great American String Band: (4/27)

(Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

22: My Plastic Banana Isn't Stupid

23: Dawg's Rag (with Richard Green)

24: I'll Be The Gambler If You'll Deal The Cards

disc 2: 73:23

Great American String Band: (4/27)

01: Sweet Georgia Brown

The Hired Hands: (4/28)

02: Bear Tracks

Buck White & The Down Homers: (4/28)

03: She Left Me Standing There

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys (4/28)

04: Pick Away

05: Cotton Mill Man/

06: The River Of Jordan

Great American String Band: (4/27)

(Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

07: Maybelline

08: Johnny B. Goode

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys:

09: Dueling Banjos

Tut Taylor and Norman Blake:

10: Instrumental #1

11: Instrumental #2

Taylor, Blake, & Mac Wiseman:

12: The Wreck Of The Old 97

13: Catfish John

14: Love Letters In The Sand

15: Shackles And Chains

16: Prisoner Song

17: Jimmy Brown

18: The Old Folks At Home

19: Man Walking On The Water

20: Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life

Frank Wakefield :

21: Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player #1

Wakefield, Garcia ..et al

22: Heartbreak Hotel

23: Orange Blossom Special

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/28)

24: Doc Bog's Country Blues

25: Movin' On

26: Wabash Cannonball

27: Tennessee Stud

disc 3: 79:50

Ramblin' Jack Elliot: (4/28)

01: Talking Fishing Blues

02: Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

03: Down The Line

04: Pretty Boy Floyd

Doug Dillard & Frank Wakefield: (4/28)

05: Dixie Breakdown

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

with Garcia, Vassar Clements, Doc Watson,

David Nelson, John Hartford, & Jerry Mills: (4/28)

06: Tulane And Johnny

07: Cosmic Cowboy

08: Jambalaya

09: Sally Goodin

10: Battle Of New Orleans

11: Teardrops In My Eyes

12: Bonie Maronie

13: Randy Lynn Rag

14: Flint Hill Special

15: Mr. Bojangles

16: Honky Tonkin'

17: Diggy Liggy Lo

18: Will The Circle Be Unbroken*

19: Way Downtown Fooling Around*

20: Down Yonder*

* w/Doc & Merle Watson

disc 4:


Old And In The Way: (4/28)

(Garcia, Grisman)

01: High Lonesome Sound

02: Pig In A Pen

03: Panama Red

04: Wild Horses

05: The Hobo Song


Acoustic All-Stars

The Birchmere

Alexandria, VA

January 24, 1988


Tony Rice Guitar

Sam Bush Mandolin

Jerry Douglas Dobro

Bela Fleck Banjo

Stuart Duncan Fiddle

Mark Schatz Bass

1st Set:

Nine Pound Hammer


Band Intros

Ginseng Sullivan

Wayfaring Stranger

Cincinnati Rag

Home From the Forest

Poor Richard's Blues

Sam Talk

Molly & Tenbrooks

Fiddle/Banjo Medley

Sam, "We're Making A Live Record Tonight…"

Muleskinner Blues

Tuning, More Banter


2nd Set:


Cold on the Shoulder

Daybreak in Dixie

Little Sadie

Big Mon

A New Day Medley (Flux Solo)

Maura On A Bicycle - and other tunes (Bela Solo)


Old & In The Way

Monday, October 8th, 1973

The Boarding House, San Francisco




Source: SBD (2 Track Analog) > Flac > MP3

Recorded by: Owsley Stanley

~Set 1~

d1t01 - Home Is Where The Heart Is (1:58)

d1t02 - Love Please Come Home (3:26)

d1t03 - Down Where The River Bends (4:51)

d1t04 - Kissimee Kid (3:30)

d1t05 - Pig in a Pen (2:46)

d1t06 - Uncle Pen (2:13)

d1t07 - Panama Red (4:15)

d1t08 - Midnight Moonlight (6:09)

d1t09 - White Dove (4:45)

d1t10 - Wild Horses (4:30)

d1t11 - Orange Blossom Special (2:56)

d1t12 - Old and in the Way (3:02)

d1t13 - Lonesome Fiddle Blues (3:23)

~Set 2~

d2t01 - On And On (3:26)

d2t02 - Land of the Navajo (6:23)

d2t03 - Catfish John (4:05)

d2t04 - 'Til The End Of The World Rolls 'Round (2:15)

d2t05 - Drifting Too Far From The Shore (4:49)

d2t06 - I'm Knocking On Your Door (3:36)

d2t07 - Old and In The Way Breakdown (4:07)

d2t08 - You'll Find Her Name Written There (3:26)

d2t09 - Jerry's Breakdown (4:37)

d2t10 - The Great Pretender (4:11)

d2t11 - Working On A Building (2:37)

d2t12 - High Lonesome Sound (4:11)

d2t13 - Wicked Path of Sin (2:27)

d2t14 - Blue Mule (5:06)

The Band:

-Vassar Clements – fiddle

-Jerry Garcia – banjo, vocals

-David Grisman – mandolin, vocals

-John Kahn – acoustic bass

-Peter Rowan – guitar, vocals


Great American Music Band

Pilgrimage Theater

Hollywood, CA

April 20, 1974



SBD MR > R > CD > EAC > FLAC > MP3

01. Intro & tune up

02. Limehouse Blues

03. Dawg's Bull

04. My Plastic Banana Isn't Stupid

05. Swing '42

06. Coloured Aristocracy

07. Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms (1)

08. Dawg's Rag

09. I'll Be A Gambler If You Deal The Cards

10. Midnight At The Oasis (1)

11. Sweet Georgia Brown (1)

12. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (1)

David Grisman - Mandolin

Richard Greene - Fiddle

David Nictern - Guitar, Vocals

Taj Mahal - Bass, Vocals

Jerry Garcia - Banjo

Maria Mauldar - Vocals (1)

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Country Joe McDonald

January 1, 1976

WDR studio

Koln, Germany


We Shall Not Be Moved

Going Down The Old Dusty Road

Another Man Done Gone

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Jesse James


Tricky Dicky

Living In The Future In A Plastic Dome

Fuck Cheer >

I Feel Like Im Fixin To Die Rag

Kiss My Ass

Entertainment Is My Business

Free Some Day

Oh Jamaica

Holy Roller

Save The Whales

Love Is A Fire

Six Days On The Road



Danny Barnes

October 9, 2004

The Showbox

Seattle, WA


01 Intro,

02 Put More Water In The Soup,

03 Get It While You Can,

04 Cannonball Rag,

05 Corn Kingdom Come,

06 Little Bitty Town,

07 Crow Black Chicken,

08 Everything Fades, @

09 High, Lonsome, Dead And Gone, @

10 Clinch Mountain Backstep, #

11 Little Maggie, #


Danny Barnes

March 8, 2002

Red Light Cafe

Atlanta GA


Disc One

01. My Old Man

02. Counting The Crossties

03. I'm Going Back To Mom & Dad

04. Hey Baby I'm Falling

05. Delilah

06. Devil Coming Down From The Mountain

07. Funtime

08. Better Times A-Coming

09. Things I Done Wrong

10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown

11. Everything Fades

12. Brand New Hat

13. Broken Hearted Blues

14. Honey I've Found A Brand New Way >

It's All The Same To Me

Disc Two

01. The Old Man At The Mill

02. High Lonesome Dead & Gone

03. Love Your Neighbor

04. Love Songs Suck

05. Instrumental

06. Uncle Lucius

07. Shit Creek

08. I'm Convicted

09. Hogs On The Highway

10. All Alone For Christmas

11. Death Trip


Danny Barnes

June 10, 2005

Clark Place

Stevens Point WI


01. Sympathy For The Devil

02. Footprints In The Snow

03. Get Me Out Of Jail

04. Big Girl Blues

05. Corn Kingdom Come

06. Cut A Rug

07. Ooh La La

08. Big Shoe > National Blues

09. Little Girl Of Mine In Tennessee

10. Good As I Been To You

11. Things I Done Wrong

12. Loser Intro > Loser (cut)

01. Funtime

02. Crow Black Chicken

03. Glad And Sorry

04. Wasted Mind

05. Get It On Down The Line

06. Rose Colored Glasses

07. Death Trip > I Likes My Chicken Hot > Death Trip


Del McCoury Band

April 19, 2003

Old Settler's Music Festival




Del McCoury Band

May 5, 2006

Stuart's Opera House

Nelsonville, Ohio



Travelin' Teardrop Blues

Count me Out

Hillcrest Drive

Hard on my Heart

Shuckin' the Corn

Nashville Cats

Back Up & Push

You Win Again

Never Grow Up Boy ?

7th Heaven

Vincent Black Lightning

Body & Soul

Eli Renfro

All Aboard

Washington County

Teardrops in my Eyes

Workin on a Building

I never Knew Life*

I am a Pilgrim

Get down on your Knees and Pray

I put on a Crown & Walk Around

Led by the Masters Hand

Cheek to Cheek with the Blues

City of Stone

Let an Old Racehorse Run



Del McCoury Band

October 5, 2001

WFPK Studios

Louisville, KY


01 intro

02 A Far Cry

03 Learnin' The Blues

04 Goldbrickin'

05 Count Me Out

06 Traveling Teardrop Blues

07 The Bluegrass Country

08 Back Up and Push

09 interview

10 Baltimore Johnny

11 All Aboard

12 Nashville Cats

13 Get Down On Your Knees And Pray

14 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

15 Gone But Not Forgotten

16 outro


Del McCoury Band

February 21, 2001

Fox Theater

Boulder, CO


Disc 1

01. I'll Be There

02. Gold Brickin'

03. Henry Walker

04. Thanks Alot

05. Snake In The House

06. High On A Mountain Top

07. ?? Fiddle Tune

08. Don't Our Love Look Natural Lying There

09. Somebody's Gonna Pay

10. On The Lonesome Wind

11. Hard Facts

12. I Traced Your Little Footprints In The Snow

13. Nashville Cats

14. Just Because

15. Bluegrass Country

16. Half A Mind

Disc 2

01. Little Darlin'

02. Get Down On Your Knees & Pray

03. Count Me Out

04. Love Is A Long, Long Road

05. What Made milwaukee Famous

06. Rawhide


07. 1952 Vincent Motercycle

08. Walkin' Out In The Rain

09. City Of Stone / Cheek To Cheek With The Blues

Leftover Salmon

June 23, 1996

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Telluride, CO



Leftover Salmon

August 15, 2000

The Barrel House Brewing Co.

Cinncinati, OH



Leftover Salmon

April 4, 1995

Club Metronome

Burlington, VT



Leftover Salmon

August 14, 1997

Lake Boone Country Club

Raleigh, NC


Yonder Mountain String Band

June 15, 2007

Simon Estes Park - 1000th SHOW!

Des Moines, IA




Yonder Mountain String Band

September 16, 2000

Brewgrass Festival

Asheville, NC




Yonder Mountain String Band

May 3, 2002

Riverboat Cajun Queen

New Orleans, LA



Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

Gold Coast Concert Bowl

Squaw Valley CA




01 Jack A Row

02 Spring in California

03 Grateful Dawg

04 Angels Layed Him Away

05 Off To Sea

06 Friend of The Devil

07 Two Soldiers

08 So What

09 Russian Lullaby

10 Dawg Waltz

11 Thrill Is Gone

12 Old Rockin’ Chair

13 Arabia (A)

14 Arabia (B)

15 Eat My Dust W/ Bela Fleck

Del McCoury Band

August 2, 2001

Earl's Sunshine Music Park

Chaffee, N.Y.


Early Set:

Disc 1

1:Intro>Face Of An Angel

2:She's Left Me Again

3awg Gone

4:Count Me Out?

5:Earl's Breakdown

6:Nashville Cats

7:Just Because

8:What Made Milwaukee Famous

9:Lee Highway Blues

10:Goodbye To An Angel

11:Get Down On Your Knees And Pray

12:Traveling Teardrop Blues

Late Set:

Disc 2:


2:Trainwreck Of Emotion


4:I'm Learnin' The Blues

5:Gold Brickin'?

6:Bluegrass Country




10:Snake In The House

11:The 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

12:Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad


The Del McCoury Band




Count Me Out

Hillcrest Drive

Body And Soul

Luckiest Man Twas Born

Learnin' The Blues

John Henry

Nashville Cats

Back Up And Push

It's Just The Night

My Love Will Not Change

Eli Renfro

52 Vincent Black Lightning

Rain And Snow

Zero To Love

I Can Hear The Angels Sing

The David Grisman Quintet

5-28-77 San Francisco, CA


Del McCoury Band

June 13, 1997

Nevada County Fairgrounds

Grass Valley, CA


Set 1

1. Intro

2. Don't You Call My Name

3. High On A Mtn.

4. Chicken Under The Washtub

5. Beauty Of My Dreams

6. Another Place, Another Time

7. The Cold Hard Facts

8. Shuckin' The Corn

9. Don't Our Love Look Natural

10. Lights On The Hill

11. Grass Valley

12. Little Darlin' Pal O' Mine

13. Thanks A Lot

14. Highway Of Pain

15. I Believe

16. Whitehouse Blues


17. Banter

18. Queen Anne's Lace

19. Big Rock In The Road

Del McCoury Band

June 14, 1997

Nevada County Fairgrounds

Grass Valley, CA


Lester Flatt

Live 1974 (wish I had more info on this show...but it's HOT)



Chris Thile & Mike Marshall

Live Duets - 2005



Ronnie McCoury & Friends


Radio Cafe

Nashville, TN


1. I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky

2. Body And Soul

3. Old Plank Road

4. Molly And Tenbrooks

5. Trouble In Mind

6. Fiddle Patch

7. No One Will Ever Know

8. Wild Bill Jones

9. Baby Blue Eyes

10. Evangelina

11. Six Days On The Road

12. Ocean Of Diamonds

13. Red Eyes On A Mad Dog

14. Walls Of Time

15. Graveyard Shift

16. Right Before My Eyes

17. Shady Grove

Bluegrass Sessions


Strawberry Festival

Yosemite, CA


Disc One:

1. Blue Mountain

2. Ginseng Sullivan

3. Wheel Hoss

4. Polka On The Ol' Banjo

5. C Medley

6. Spanish Point

7. Whitehouse Blues

8. Hide and Go Seek

9. Leather Britches (Bela and Gabe)

10.Sailing Shoes->Crossroads->Sailing Shoes

Disc Two:

1. Brown County Breakdown

2. Waltz

3. Valley of the Roague

4. Same Old River

5. Cincinati Rag

6. I Know U're Married

7. Major Honker

Encore 1:

8. Catmandu

9. Salty Dog

Encore 2:

10. Whitewater

Lineup: Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Gabe Witcher, Brian Sutton & Mark Schatz

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Bela Fleck & Friends


Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Telluride,CO


Bela Fleck - Banjo, Guitar

(1) Pat Flynn - Guitar

(2) Pat Enright - Vocals

(3) Sam Bush - Mandolin

(4) Mark O'Conner - Fiddle

(5) Maura O'Connell - Vocals

(6) Tony Trischka - Banjo

01 Instrumental

02 Another Morning

03 Instrumental

04 Polka Dots & Moonbeams

05 Beatles Medley

06 Instrumental >

07 Hudson's Bay

08 Instrumental (1)

09 Right As Rain (1)

10 Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (2)

11 Four Wheel Drive (3)

12 Spunk (4)

13 Love's Old Sweet Song (4,5)

14 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (5)

15 Crazy Dreams (5)

16 Whiskey Before Breakfast > John Hardy (6)(E)

17 Instrumental

Doc Watson

Live at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival



Del McCoury Band with David Grisman


Arts and Science Center, Hickory, NC



Del McCoury Band

June 14, 2002

Sunshine Daydream

Terra Alta, WV



Del McCoury Band

July 21, 2002

Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance

Trumansburg, NY



Del McCoury Band

November 30, 1996

Centennial Theater

Chattanooga, TN


Great American String Band

Keystone; Berkeley, CA




Great American String Band

Keystone; Berkeley, CA




Jerry Douglas


San Francisco, CA

with Tim O'Brien and Maura O'Connell


Leo Kottke


St. Paul, MN

A++ sbd



Leo Kottke


St. Petersburg, FL

A++ sbd



Leo Kottke

Live on KCRW

Morning Becomes Eclectic



Jerry Douglas


San Francisco, CA

with Tim O'Brien and Maura O'Connell


Hot Rize at Pismo Beach



John Hartford, 3/27/83

University of Lacrosse Main Hall -- Lacrosse, WI


Skipping in the Mississippi Dew > You Asked Me To, Take Me Back to My Mississippi River Home, Natchez Whistle, Good Old Electric Washing Machine, Kentucky Pool, Fiddle Tune, Miss Ferris, Way Down the River Road, Wrong Road Again, Lorena, Piece of My Heart, The Wagoner's Lad, Gum Tree Canoe > Gentle On My Mind, Don't Leave Your Records in the Sun, In Tall Buildings, My Rag, Presbyterian Guitar, Boogie, Fiddle Tune, Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie, Long Hot Summer Days, Uncle Day Macon Tribute, Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, E: No Expectations

Alison Krauss & Union Station - Salem, NJ - 09.02.95

early show


01. Lose Again

02. It Won't Work This Time

03. Instrumental

04. I Don't Know Why

05. Steel Rails

06. Now That I've Found You

07. Ghost In This House

08. Jam

09. Another Night

10. Foolish Heart

11. Jam

12. Blue & Lonesome Too

Psychograss with Tony Rice


Bill and Claire's living room, Hickory, NC



O'Brien Douglas & Powell

4-10-99 Round Rock, Texas



Barrenburg Douglas Meyer & Bush


Arts and Science Center, Hickory, NC



Norm Blake & Tony Rice w/Mark Shatz


The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA



Tim O'Brien & The O'Boys

8-7-94 Rockygrass




Del McCoury & his Dixie Pals

Suttle Grove, 1969



Mike Marshall, Sam Bush & Joe Craven



High Sierra Music Festival "Finding Yourself" Workshop


Del McCoury with Jeff White


The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC



Jethro Burns & Friends


The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA



Acoustic Allstars


Wolftrap Park, Vienna, VA



Old & in the Way


Cotati, CA



Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys


New River Ranch, Rising Sun, MD



Sam Bush Band


Jamgrass 2002, The Pageant, St. Louis, MO



Peter Rowan & the Free Mexican Air Force


Station Inn, Nashville, TN



Tony Rice Unit


The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA





Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival, Alta, WY



Bluegrass Album Band

(Tony Rice - Vocals/Guitars; Vasser Clements - Fiddle; J.D. Crowe - Banjo; Doyle Lawson - Vocals/Mandolin; Mark Shatz - Acoustic Bass; Mike Auldridge - Dobro)


The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA


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No problem. This is my contribution to the bluegrass thread, figured I may as well copy it too.

This is one of my favourite sites for some Bluegrass. I've been a supporter/donor of this site now for about 5 years now. Worth every cent.


There are FLAC & MP3 versions for most recordings.

Each folder has a bunch of shows. The first folder (collection1-tut) is mostly recordings with Tut Taylor, the second & third are a variety of different artists.


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Here's one one of my uploads. I have a handful of OCMS recordings kicking around and will be uploading them in the week coming. This may be the only mp3 I upload...I feel kinda dirty.

320 mp3

Old Crow Medicine Show

Antone's, Austin, TX


Source: SBD

01. That'll be a Better Day

02. Down South Blues

03. Cocaine Habit

04. Beacon Town

05. Wagon Wheel

06. Raise a Ruckus

07. Aint' Gonna Work

08. Fall on My Knees

09. Aces

SXSW Music Festival w/ The Drive By Truckers & The Gourds amongst others.


...it's not bluegrass, but its worth the d/l.

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Hey, any idea where to find some recent supergood quality (ideally soundboard) Peter Rowan Group shows?

Only one I can think of at the moment is over at Colorado Tapers (www.cotapers.org). Not sure if it's SBD, but they usually have quality recordings up.

Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band

Rockygrass, Lyons, CO



01 Intro

02 Jailer Jailer

03 Family Demon

04 Father, Mother

05 The Raven

06 The Night Prayer

07 Catfish Blues

08 Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side

09 Turn The Other Cheek

10 Knockin' On Your Door

11 Little Maggie

12 Lonesome Night

13 Panama Red

14 Land Of The Navajo

15 Midnight Moonlight

16 Across the Rolling Hills

Peter Rowan

Keith Little

Paul Knight

Jody Stecher


I have some shows from 2007 somewhere around here.

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Mumford & Sons

37th Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Town Park Stage

Friday, June 18, 2010

01. Sigh No More

02. The Cave

03. Roll Away Your Stone

04. White Blank Page

05. Nothing Is Written

06. Timshel

07. Little Lion Man

08. Lover Of The Light

09. Thistle & Weeds

10. Awake My Soul*

11. Feel The Tide

12. Dust Bowl Dance

13. Where Is My Heart

14. Hey Jude**

Marcus Mumford -

Country Winston -

Ben Lovett -

Ted Dwane -

* w/Jerry Douglas

** w/Sarah Jarosz, Jerry Douglas


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As mentioned, some more OCMS.


Text & ffp included.

Old Crow Medicine Show


Orange Peel

Asheville, NC

Taper: Roger Blanton

Source and Coversion: SP-BMC-6 > SP-PREAMP > Nomad JukeBox 3 > SoundForge 7 (normalized to 98%) > CDwav > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC

Location: 2 feet from right stack, 15'.

Disk One

01. Intro

02. Raise A Ruckus

03. Hard To Tell

04. "We're feeling it"

05. Trails And Troubles

06. Gospel Plow

07. Fall On My Knees

08. "Sing ya a song out of Watauga County"

09. Poor Man

10. "...for that Asheville Junction"

11. Train On The Island

12. My Bones Gonna Rise Again

13. Can't Get Right Blues

14. "the fastest guitar string changer this side of the French Broad Rivah"

15. Drinking of the Wine

16. "It's pretty shitty down there in Charlotte"

17. I Hear Them All

18. "Let's see how many banjos we can get on the stage tonight"

19. Take 'Em Away

20. Tear It Down

Disk Two

01. Tell It To Me

02. Greasy Coat

03. "We're gonna take you down... "

04. C.C. Rider

05. "Gonna take you back to Alabama"

06. Big Time In The Jungle

07. Denomination Blues

08. Minglewood Blues

09. Down South Blues

10. "I like your pants"

11. Goodbye Charlie

12. Elkhorn Ridge

13. Johnny Get Your Gun

14. "You smell alot better than the usual Asheville crowd"

15. We're All In This Together

16. Wagon Wheel

17. Shack #9

18. Band Introductions > Tell It to Me > Encore

19. "We always like to do something for the encore that we're not very good at"

20. Powderfinger

21. Hangman's Reel > Encore

22. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow

Useful links:







megaupload links

Disc One

Disc Two

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The Country Gentlemen

Second Annual Country Gentlemen Festival

Stuart, VA




Charlie Waller and The Country Gentlemen

August 2, 2003

Early Show

AFBA Bluegrass Festival

Wind Gap, PA


Source: SBD/AUD Mix


Charlie Waller and The Country Gentlemen

August 2, 2003

Late Show

AFBA Bluegrass Festival

Wind Gap, PA


Source: SBD/AUD Mix


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