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Crazy advancment in recording software


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It's magical!

The obvious evolution of this is that the tech will be able to do correction on the fly of your guitar, much like vocal pitch correction.

Imagine not having to learn to play guitar well anymore. You could technically slide your finger up the neck really fast and the machine will play a nice fast scale or arpeggio for you.

Play what you think is an A-chord, but you've got your fingers wrong, and the machine will figure out that you're trying to play an A and correct that.

Your strum is WAY off, but the machine knows how the song goes and makes it come out right.

This will be used for Evil, much like the whole auto-tune thing has been used.

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I'd like to see what it could do with a track that came from a single mic pointed at a horn section (e.g., one trumpet, one alto sax, one tenor sax). If it could separate each instrument out, it'd greatly reduce the need for multi-tracking horn parts.



We've got a couple big artists in our roster that use our Voicelive 2 for horn harmonies - Earth Wind and Fire is one. Single sax goes in, enter the key/scale of the song, horn section comes out. Easy Money.

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Seems way easier than just actually changing notes as you play your Instrument. This kind of stuff is horrid imo.

It's good to know that this in conjunction with autotune means that we're not far off from being able to let a group of wild lemurs loose in a recording studio for 3 and a half minutes and then click some buttons afterwards and produce the next pop sensation.

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