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tonight in Montreal - public forum on biofuel


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Public Forum: Farm leaders on the impacts of the corporate biomass-grab

Friday, November 26

7:00pm – 9:30pm

Jean Lesage Auditorium

Room B-2285, Jean-Brillant Building

3200 Jean-Brillant St, University of Montreal

“The rush to grow ‘biomass’ for fuels and industry will be worth $1/2 trillion – but won’t feed people, or stop climate change.â€


* Iderle Brénus, leader/organizer, Mouvement paysan Papaye, Haiti

* Camila Moreno, environmental lawyer, Friends of the Earth, Brazil

* Ibrahim Coulibaly, farm movement leader, COPAGEN, Mali

Traduction simultanée sera fournie sur place. Please bring ID for translation devices. Free Admission. No registration necessary.

Corporations are rushing to grab and convert plant matter – called “biomass†– into fuel, chemicals, power, and other profitable commodities. They are using high-risk genetic engineering technologies to accelerate this grab. The result is an emerging global “biomass economy†that threatens to eat up our crops, forests and other plant life.

Just as the demand for corn ethanol led to higher food prices and hunger, the massive biomass-grab will have devastating consequences for people and our environment, here and in developing countries. What are corporations using “biomass†for? Join us in Montreal to find what the “earth grab†will mean and how people in Canada and around the world are fighting for our future.

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