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Favorite Phish Lot Shirt?

Northern Wish

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I had a shirt given to me years ago that was kinda funny.

I can't find an image on-line but the front had Got Molly? in the Got Milk? font.

The back had little girl jumping up with a bunch of pills in her hand with the saying "I sure got some powerful pills!!!"

I gave that shirt to Goodwill years ago. I imagine people going through the racks and being pretty puzzled at that one.

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I am assuming she paid for it so that gives bouche the right to burn it from her for free and then he can host it for the rest of us to grab off the internets because from what I gather, that aint stealing.

Wait a minute... I paid for it. What's it doing in her car? She's stealing!!

P.S. Mr. Slippery you best get on this new album, it is excellent. As are many of the post-2000 discs, which I've criminally ignored for too long.

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