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Stevie Ray Vaughan


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Well Jakis, that is by far my favorite. There has been some recent albums released that are live performances, and I would stick to those. Not that his studio work wasnt impressive, I just like the raw energy of his stage work.

If you are into DVD's, get in your car, take a bus, or run to your local shop and find SRV - Live At The el Mocambo. It will amaze your senses. I was pretty sad the day I heard of his passing, cause I never got to see him and he was the first guitar player I ever attached to. Thanks to him, I learned what it was with Jimi Hendrix that everyone seemed to love but me.

Speaking of which, I am watching a newly purchased Jimi Plays Berkeley.........what a great way to spend a Friday night!

Hey Tube, or anyone else, did you grab that SRV and Eric Clapton bittorrent from sharingthegroove?

I tried, but there werent any windows open. It looked amazing.

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I'm gonna brag a bit: my first rock'n'roll concert was SRV & Double Trouble at Massey Hall, the "Couldn't Stand The Weather" Tour, March '85. I got an 8th row floor seat, and had my freakin' head blown off. I later saw SRV & Double Trouble with Jeff Beck and Jeff Healey at the SkyDome in late '89, about a year before SRV's death. Yeah, he's one of my favourites.

"Live Alive", though, isn't one of my favourite records (I have it on cassette somewhere, and haven't listened to it in years). I think it was done around the time of "Soul To Soul", during the period when SRV was seriously messed up on booze and coke. There are parts of "Live Alive" when he's talking to the audience that are downright embarassing to my ears.

If you want live, go with what Booche said: the El Mo show is the way to go.

As for studio albums, they've re-issued the great ones, with bonus tracks and interviews. "Couldn't Stand The Weather" (his second album, with "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" on it) and "Texas Flood" are the ones to get.

If you like that Stax/Volt soul sound, the album he did with his brother, Jimmie Vaughan, is good. It's called "Family Style", and will probably be file with SRV.



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I've got a great boot DVD (my first) called "Rockpalast". It was recorded in Germany, 8/25/1984 at some out door festival. In it, along with the usual FUCKING FANTASTIC playing, he stands on the horns of that old beat up strat of his and pulls the neck and himself upwards, off the ground, during "Third Stone". Holy shit! The thing should have broken in two.

I missed him at Barrymores thinking, "I'll catch him next time round". Friends saw him and said "Little Wing" brought tears to their eyes.


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""Live Alive", though, isn't one of my favourite records "

Wow, that is the most surprising thing I have ever heard from you. Then again, I havent listened to it in years (I used to 'trip' to it). Its entirely possible its bunk.

Yeah, right Booche [Razz]

"Thank you so very MUUUCH!"

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[brad wrote: "Live Alive", though, isn't one of my favourite records (I have it on cassette somewhere, and haven't listened to it in years). I think it was done around the time of "Soul To Soul", during the period when SRV was seriously messed up on booze and coke. There are parts of "Live Alive" when he's talking to the audience that are downright embarassing to my ears.

I always thought this got a bad rap..one thing about SRV is as wrecked as he was, he generally played quite consistantly....

My fav SRV is the early trio years where he was blitzed out of his tree...he was much rawer and blusier then and really played more aggressively.. as he "matured" and finally got straighter, he seemed to lose that edge...check for yourself if you can get the Austin City Limits from '83 and compare it to the '89 or 90 one...

But I love everything he did and he affected any serious guitarist in a profound way..after hearing "Texas Flood" for the first time I was floored and went down and unplugged all the pedals

...I could barely play, SRV showed me you really had to develop a natural muscular approach to playing..it's 99% all in the hands.....

Thanks you SRV

I have tons of audio & video boots of SRV, I can probably hook up anybody looking for a fix - maybe we'll swing a trade.....

Nn (B&Z)

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B & Z

Dude, I cant wait to meet you...........

None the less, thanks to the WICKEDNESS that is Jakis, Low Roller and I are watching SRV Live From Austin, Texas. Its his Austin City Limits performances.

Its fuggin' great as well, and I give it my 4 star recommendation.

What does that mean?

Buy it, get stoned and enjoy.............

This is the best thread in years!

Crossfire just slayed our asses. I dont think I will be able to sit for a week.

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Hey Brad - I too was at that Massey Hall '85 show...bet I've seen you in passing at about a million shows by now. Unlike yourself though, I was in the top row back left corner gallery and couldn't see squat until my friend saw me from the other side of the balcony and brought me down to her seat. I remember the first time I heard "Pride & Joy" on the radio when it was first released and was hooked from that point on. Agreed too, that El Mo show is unbelievable.

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just noticed a typo

11-02-88 Skydome, Toronto, Ont. vid 75m B+ aud

11-02-89 Skydome, Toronto, Ont. aud 90m A- vid

Same show- it's a distant picture that doesn't budge(tripod?), of the whole stage...only for a hardcore fan...at least the sound is decent

It's been a while since I looked at this...

I'm really diggin' my new '62 re-issue White Strat

it's got a wicked "ping" to it and I'm going back to some SRV for pointers...."So Excited" from the '83 shows...WICKED!!!!!!!!!!! N

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Not bad, eh? I got the majority of these back '99

when I really was into snail-trading over the'Net

Most were from one guy in Texas!! Who also had the hugest collections of LedZep, Hendrix,The Who J.Winter,FZAppa, SRV, Jeff Beck I'd ever seen..........

Hey 2ndTube, how this for Miles Davis :






05/17/58 BIRDLAND, NEW YORK 18 RB A-



09-09-58 Plaza Hotel, NYc. w/ JC & C.Adderly 45 fm A-




03-20-60 Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sw. 50 sb A

03-21-60 O'Lympia, Paris, Fr. w/ Coltrane 90 fm A-

03-22-60 Koncerthuset, Stockholm w/Coltrane 80 fm A

03-24-60 Tivoli's Koncertsal, Copenhagen w/JC 45 fm A-

03-30-60 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt 22 fm A-

04-08-60 Zurich, Switz. w/ Coltrane 60 fm A

04/09/60 SCHWENINGEN, HOLLAND 40 fm A-

09-27-60 Free Trade Hall,Manchester,UK (2) 52,46 fm A cd-r


05/19/61 CARNEGIE HALL, NEW YORK 85 sb A

06-00-63 Jazz Villa, St.Louis 31 sb A lp(M)


07-26-63 Juan Les Pins, France 75 sb A

02-12-64 Philharmonic Hall, Nyc. 85 sb A

07/14/64 Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 45 fm A+

07/15/64 Maruyama Ongaku-do Hall, Kyoto,Japan 65 fm B+

09-22-64 NBC Studios, LA 25 sb B


05/21/66 Portland, OR Portland State College 25 SB A-

07-04-66 Newport Jz Fest', RI. 28 fm A-

07-02-67 Newport, RI. 16 fm B

10-28-67 Antwerp, Belgium 61 fm A-

10-30-67 Den Doelen, Rotterdam, Neth. 45 fm B+

10-31-67 Stockholm, Sweden 35 fm A

11-02-67 Tivoli's Koncertsal, Copenhagen,Dmk. 45 aud C


11-06-67 Salle Pleyel, Paris, Fr. 73 fm A

11-07-67 Stadhalle, Karlsruhe, Gm. 90 fm C+

11-00-68 Jazz Workshop, Boston, Ma. 75 aud B-

03/00/69 Duffy's Tavern, Rochester,Ny,2nd set 44 aud B+

04-00-69 Blue Coronet Club, Brooklyn, Ny. 45 fm A-

07-07-69 Central Park, Nyc. 45 fm A-

07/25/69 Juan-les-Pins, Antibes 65 fm A

07-26-69 Antibes, France 60 fm A

07/27/69 Rutgers University w/C.Corea 19 aud A-

10-26-69 MILAN. Italy 69 aud B-

10-27-69 Teatro Sistina, Rome,It. 79 fm A cd

10-31-69 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 45 aud C

11-01-69 Hammersmith Odeon, London (2nd show) 66 cd/dub C-

11-02-69 Ronnie Scott's, London, England 45 fm A-

11-03-69 Salle Pleyel, Paris, Fr. 65 fm B+

11-04-69 Tivoli's Konsertsal, Copenhagen,Dmk. 70 fm A-

11-05-69 Stockholm, Sw. 2 shows 90 fm A-

11-07-69 Philharmonie, Berlin, Gm. 45 fm A-

11-09-69 Den Doelen, Rotterdam, 60 fm A-

02-21-70 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Mich. 50 fm A-

03/00/70 unknown location 13 fm A-

07/07/70 Central Park 13 aud B+

07/00/70 Dick Cavett Show, ABC-TV 09 sb A-

08-18-70 Tanglewood, Lenox, Ma. 45 aud A 2nd

08-31-70 Isle of Wight Fest', Eng. 18 lp A+ M

10/07/70 Tonight Show w/Cosby, NBC-TV 10 sb A-

10-17-70 Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca. 32 cd A+ M

10-22-71 Neue Stadthalle, Dietikon, Switz. 85 fm A

10-23-71 Theatre National Populaire,Paris,Fr. 85 fm A-

10-26-71 Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels 71 fm A

11-03-71 Belgrade, Yugoslavia 67 aud A

11-05-71 Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria 105 cd A+ M

11-07-71 Universitetets Aula, Uppsula, Sw. 91 sb A-

11-08-71 Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Dmk. 90 au A-

11-09-71 Oslo, Norway 80 aud B+

11-12-71 Sartory Festsaal, Cologne, Germany 55 fm A

11-16-71 Palazzo dello Sport, Turin, It. 07 vid A-

11/16/71 TURIN, ITALY AUD B 41

11-20-71 Zurich, Switzerland 90 fm A-

11-26-71 Philharmonic Hall, Nyc. 45 aud B-

00-00-71 Lennie's on the Turnpike, Boston, 70 aud B+

09-24-72 Jazz Workshop, Boston, Ma. 45 fm A-

10-01-72 Stanford Univ.Ampitheater,Palo Alto 45 aud B+

01-12-73 Village East, NYc. 27 aud B


04/12/73 GREENSBORO, NC. 71 aud B+

05-01-73 Civic Center, Santa Monica, Ca. 12 fm B+

06-19-73 Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 90 fm B+ cd-r

06-20-73 Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 32 vid B+

07-08-73 Montreux Jz Fest, Switz. 40 fm A

07/10/73 THE RAINBOW, LONDON 94 sb A

07-11-73 O'Lympia, Paris, Fr. 90 fm A

10-24-73 Stadsteatern, Malmo, Sw. 1st show 45 fm A-

10/24/73 STADSTEATERN, MALM+, SW. 2ND SHOW 45 fm A-

10-27-73 Koncerthuset, Stockholm,Sw. 56 aud A-

11-01-73 Berliner Jazztage, Philarmonie, Gm. 46 vid A-

11-03-73 Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria 45 tv B+

11-07-73 Belgrade, Yug. 45 fm A-

11-10-73 Bologna, It. 50 aud B+

11-15-73 Palais des Sports, Paris, Fr. 92 fm B+

11-00-73 Palau de la Musica, Barcelona, Sp. 10 aud A-

00-00-73 Paul's Mall, Boston, Ma. 50 fm A

01-27-74 Toronto, Ont. ( 2 shows) 90 aud B

05/25/74 SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL 45 aud B+

08-02-74 Paul's Mall, Boston, Ma. 25 aud A-

08-03-74 Paul's Mall, Boston, Ma. 65 aud A-

11-01-74 Allen Theater, Cleveland. Oh. 103 aud B+

11-08-74 Bottom Line, Nyc. 81 aud A-

12-14-74 Smiling Dog Saloon, Cleveland, Oh. 45 aud B

01-14-75 Keystone Korner, San Francisco, Ca. 47 aud B+

01-17-75 Troubador Club, Los Angeles 45 aud B

01-22-75 Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Toyko 90 fm B+

02-03-75 KOKURA. Japan 97 aud B+


03-22-75 Hoffstra Univ., Long Island 90 aud B+

06/10/75 Bottom Line, NYC 92 aud A-

06-11-75 Bottom Line, Nyc. 90 aud B cd-r

07-01-75 Avery Fisher Hall, Nyc, Ny. 90 fm A

10/00/80 St. Louis interview 18 fm A+

(3 Kix 6/27/81,1 Avery 7/5/81,2 Tokyo 10/4/81)We Want Miles 78'fm A

07-18-81 NYC 85'

09-00-81 Savoy, Nyc. 90 aud B+

10-04-81 Shinjuku Nishiguchi Hiroba, Tokyo FM/A 72

10-09-81 Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Aichi AUD/B+ 89

10-17-81 Sat Nite "Live", Nyc 8 vid A M

12-13-81 O'Keefe Centre, Toronto 45 aud B+ 2nd

04/01/82 BRADFORD HOTEL,BOSTON (1st/2nd show) 90 aud B+

04/02/82 BRADFORD HOTEL,BOSTON (1st/2nd show) 90 aud B+

04-03-82 Univ./Mass, Amherst, Mass. 90 aud A- 1st

04-13-82 Stockholm, Sweden 75 fm A 1st

04-14-82 Hague, Copenhagen, Denmark 75 fm A

04-17-82 Frankfurt, Germany 50 fm A-

04-20-82 Hammersmith Odeon, London, Eng. 90 fm A 1st


04-28-82 Congresebow, Hague, Holland 75 fm A 2nd

05-08-82 BRUSSELS 73'

07-00-82 St. Denis Theatre, Montreal Jazz 55 fm A+ M

08-28-82 Jones Beach, New York 90 aud B+

10-24-82 JERSEY 23'

11-06-82 Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, 2 sets 90 aud B+

12-31-82 Felt Forum, NY AUD/A- 74

01-28-83 Phoenix, Ariz. 90 aud B+

02-04-83 Austin, Txs. 80 aud B+ 2nd

02-13-83 National Arts Centre, Ottawa 92 aud A- M

02-23-83 Grammys, LA, Ca. 05 v/du A-

03-02-83 Houston, Txs. 85 aud B+ 2nd

04-27-83 Hammersmith Odeon, London, Eng. 90 aud A 2nd

04-28-83 Hammersmith Odeon, London 90 aud A 2nd

04-00-83 Torino Palasport, ? 65 aud B+ 2nd

05-25-83 Festival Hall, Osaka AUD A- 64

05-26-83 Festival Hall, Osaka AUD/A- 51

05-29-83 Open Theater East, Tokyo FM/A 63

07-20-83 Hollywood Bowl, Hw, Ca 60 aud A-

07-00-83 St. Denis Theatre, Montreal Jazz 30 fm A+ M

07-00-83 St. Denis Theatre, " 80 aud B+ 1st

07-00-83 Congresebow, Hague, Holland 55 fm A 2nd

10-23-83 Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland 45 sbd A+

10-29-83 Berlin, Germ. Tv 80 tv A 2nd

06-08-84 San Carlos Circle Star Theater, ? 85 fm A 2nd

06-22-84 Avery Fisher Hall, Nyc, Ny. 45 aud B+

06-24-84 Paris, France 90 fm A

07-10-84 Badl, Segeberg 90 aud B+ 2nd

07-12-84 PORI 65'

07-15-84 Den Haag, Neth. 90 fm A

07-20-84 Juan Les Pins, France 120 fm A 2nd

07-21-84 Weisen Jazz Summit 18 tv A 2nd

11-06-84 P.O.P., Bercy, Paris, France 55 fm A 2nd

11-00-84 Paris, France 15 fm A+ M

00-00-84 Avery Fisher Hall, Nyc, Ny. 50 aud B+

06-28-85 St.Denis Theatre, Montreal Jz Fest 55 fm A+ M

06-28-85 St.Denis Theatre, Montreal Jz Fest 80 aud B+ 1st

06-28-85 St.Denis Theatre, Montreal Jz Fest 55 vid A M

07-15-85 Montreux, Switz. 110 fm A-

07-20-85 London Festival Hall, Eng. 1st 127 aud A- 1st

07-20-85 London Festival Hall, Eng. 2nd 135 aud B+ 1st

07-00-85 North Sea Jazz Fest', the Hague, 10 fm A 1st

10/26/85 UMEA, SWEDEN 90 fm A-

10-28-85 Copenhagen, Dmk. 77 fm A

11-01-85 Berlin, Gm. 135 fm A

03-02-86 Hamburg, Gm. "Scarlet Letter" act 2 45 fm A cd-r

04/25/86 Fairgrounds - New Orleans, LA A 110m

06/12/86 PHOENIX, ARIZONA 90 AU B+

06/15/86 GIANTS STADIUM, NJ 25 AU A-

07-13-86 Nice, France 5 fm A

07-09-87 Pori, Finland FM/A 29

07/17/86 Montreaux Jazz Festival, Switz. B- 90m

08/16/86 Concord, CA w/ R. Ford (90) aud A

10-00-86 Paris, France 10 fm A-

00-00-86 Miles Ahead, tv documentary 55 vid A+ M

07-01-87 Lugano, Switzerland 55 fm A+ M

07-24-87 Live Under the Sky '87 FM/ A 53

10-27-87 SARDINE'S, OSLO, NORWAY 45 fm A

12-11-87 David Letterman show, Nyc. 10 sb A-

00-00-87 Ben Sidran interview 45 fm A- M

02/16/88 AVIGNON, FRANCE 104 AU, A-


06-30-88 National Arts Centre, Ottawa 90 aud A- 1st

07/07/87 Perugia 90 fm A

07-11-88 Pulsid, "Scarlet Letter" act 1 45 fm A cd-r


08/13/88 GREEK THEATRE, CA. 83 AU, B+

08/18/88 Den Haag, Netherlands w/Prince 90 fm A

12-15-88 Indigo Blues, New York 72 sb A+

00-00-88 Much Music tv interview 20 fm A+ M

10-30-88 Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland 40 fm A-

04-10-89 Udine, Italy 103 fm A-

06-15-89 San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 20 sb A+

07/21/89 MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND 120 fm A+

11-03-89 Paris Jazz Fest', France 60 vid A+ M

00-89/90 "Night Music" tv w/ D.Sanborn 19 vid A+ M

02-13-90 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont. 55 fm A+ M


07/30/90 Kunstinsel, HAMBURG, GERMANY 120 sb A


00-00-90 "60 Minutes" tv interview 15 vid A+ M

00-00-90 "Retirement & Rebirth", NPR b'cast 35 fm A- M

(very hissy/crackly but listenable, interviews w/ MD,Jarrett,Bartz


07-10-91 Grand Halle De La Vilette, Paris 135 aud A-

Now to win the lottery.................!N

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Originally posted by B & Z:

Hey ...I just checked my SRV archives and guess what's there:


03-29-85 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont. aud 80m B-

I guess I'll get that Nero show from Brad now

Cafe Deckuf '3-29-03 !

Did you want that nero show platinum-plated or would you prefer gold with diamond inlays?

And, to all who chastized me for my opinion of "Live Alive", I'll give it another listen. When I got a CD player and started amassing CDs, I sort of put aside other media (including cassettes, which is what my copy of "Live Alive" is on) aside; maybe it's time to step in the Wayback Machine...



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Did you want that nero show platinum-plated or would you prefer gold with diamond inlays?

Yes please....Ha!

Actually you live near me, about 5m away - I'm off of Baseline/Greenbank, you're in Lincoln Fields,right? No problem to boot down....

So warm up that casette player since that's the format...did you want the Skydome show too...?

If you're doing digital transfers to cd I'll just lend you the tapes if you like......

Is that Nero 2cd?

SOunds good!!!!!!! nn

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Hey ...I just checked my SRV archives and guess what's there:


03-29-85 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont. aud 80m B-

I guess I'll get that Nero show from Brad now

Cafe Deckuf '3-29-03 !

Just for fun, have a gander ....(casette only)

**when I win the lottery I plan to hole up and just sit there digitally transferring shows until it's all done!** N

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN audio/video updated '6-13-99

08-22-78 Rome Inn, Austin, TX aud 90m B

00-00-78 Houston, Txs. aud 70m B+

04-00-79 Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, Txs. aud 80m B

08-20-79 Fat Fridays, Gilroy, LA, Ca. fm 60m A-

11-22-79 Knickerbocker Cafe, Westerly, R.Is. sbd 75m A

11-24-79 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence sbd 75m A

01-15-80 Steamboat 1874, Austin, Txs. aud 75m A

02-24-80 Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX 80m

07-22-80 Kings Head Inn, Norfolk, Va. fm 50m A

08-30-80 Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth,TX. sbd 90m B+

03-00-80 Holiday Inn, Groton,Ct. aud 90m A-

09-??-81 Desperado's, Washington D.C.Tape90 mins

20-11-81 Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX. aud 80m A

07-17-82 Casino,Montreux Jz Fest', Switz. fm 45m A

04-30-82 Univ.of Houston, TX. vid 32m B+

02-23-83 FITZGERALD'S, Houston, Texas - 130m VG+/EX-

02-27-83 Antones, Austin, Txs. fm 40m A-

02-27-83 Antones, " w/ Albert King sbd 10m A

03-23-83 Fitzgerald's, Houston,Txs. 1st show aud 55m A

06-20-83 Fitzgeralds, Houston, Txs. aud 80m B+

06-29-83 Mississippi Nights, St.Louis, 2cd-r

07-08-83 Ripley's Hall, Phil., Pa. KBFH fm 20m A+ (M)

07-18-83 Spectrum Club, Montreal, Que. aud 95m B (1)

07-19-83 Barrymore's, Ottawa, Ont. aud 95m B+ (1)

07-20-83 El Mocambo, Toronto, Ont. fm 75m A+ (1)

07-00-83 The New Music, Much Music, Toronto vid 4m A+ (M)

07-26-83 The Bayou Club, Washington, DC. fm 74m A cd-r

07-28-83 MTV interview "Hendrix Dream" vid 03m B+

07-30-83 Clutch Cargo's, Detroit, Mich. aud 60m A-

07-00-83 Pittsburgh. Pa. aud 45m B+

08-15-83 Rosa's Bar, Colorado Springs 90m

08-16-83 Rainbow Music hall. Denver 90m

08-19-83 Keystone Club, Berkeley, cal. 90m

08-21-83 Keystone, Palo Alto, Ca. aud 75m A

08-23-83 Golden Bear, Huntington Beach. Cal.. 90m

08-00-83 Victoria Club London, Eng. 45m

08-27-83 Reading Festival, London, Eng. fm 35m A (2)

09-06-83 "Lieder Und Leute" Berlin, Germ. fm 10m A-

09-00-83 Germany, unkown loc. fm 12m B+

09-09-83 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Neth. 2 shows fm 75m A

10-07-83 Austin City Coliseum,,Tx. aud 90m A- (3g)

10-25-83 Baltimore, Maryland aud 45m B (4g)

10-30-83 Hollywood Palace, Los Angeles, fm 30m A+ (M)

11-05-83 Lloyd Noble Center, Norman,OK aud 45m B

11-00-83 Hamilton, Ont. "In Session"w/A.King vid 45m A- (M)

12-04-83 Kabuki Theatre, San Francisco, Ca. aud 90m B+

12-10-83 ANTONE'S, Austin, Texas - 120m VG+

12-13-83 Austin City Limits, Austin, Txs. vid 25m A+ (M)

12-13-83 Austin City Limits, Austin, Txs. aud 130m B

12-28-83 Beacon Theater, NYc. aud 85m B+

12-31-83 The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA. aud 65m B+

00-00-83 unkown loc. fm 30m A+ (M)

02-08-84 Moonshadow Saloon, Atlanta, Ga. aud 80m B

02-10-84 Tate Center, Athens,GA 90min

03-19-84 Honalulu, Hawaii, w/ Jeff Beck vid 45m A-

03-27-84 The Culturehouse, Helsinki, Finland Tape80 mins

03-29-84 Urheilutalo, Oulu, Finland aud 80m B+

03-30-84 The Ritz Club, Stockholm, Sweden Tape135 mins

04-15-84 Palm Sunday, Austin, TX. vid 40m A-

04.25-84 Metro Club, East Brunswick, NJ 90min

04-29-84 My Father's Place, Long Island, Ny. aud 55m B+

05-00-84 New Platz College, Ny. aud 80m A-

07-12-84 Fair Park Bandshell, Dallas, Texas 90min

07-21-84 PALMER AUDITORIUM, Austin, Texas - 120m VG

07-23-84 The Pier, Nyc. w/ Buddy Guy aud 45m B+

08-14-84 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont. aud 80m B+

08-16-84 National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ont. aud 85m B (1)

08-16-84 NAC, Ottawa - backstage interview aud 15m A (M)

08-25-84 Lorelei, Germ. fm 75m A (2)

09-08-84 Royal Oak Auditorium,Detroit,Mich. aud 90m B+ (2)

09-10-84 Clowes Hall, Indianapolis, Ind. aud 80m B

00-00-84 Un.Buffalo, Baird Point, Buffalo, NY aud 90m B+

10-06-84 The Channel, Boston, Ma. aud 80m B+

10-19-84 Fairgrounds, Phoenix, Ar. aud 80m B+ (1)

10-00-84 Spectrum Club, Montreal, Que. KBFH fm 40m A+ (M)

11-21-84 Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, CA

11-24-84 Univ. of Davis, Davis, Ca. sbd 85m A

11-25-84 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco,Ca. aud 80m A-

12-31-84 Astro Arena, Houston, Txs. aud 125m B+ (2)

00-00-84 New Zealand ? "Txs Flood" vid 05m A-

00-00-84 CBC "Good Rockin'Tonite" interview vid 03m A (M)

00-00-84 "Off the Record" w/Mary Turner fm 01m A+ (M)

01-20-85 Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Jaoan aud 90m A

01-24-85 Yubinchokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan vid 90m A

02-24-85 E.M.Loews Plymouth Th,Worchester,Ma. aud 90m B+

03-00-85 Power Station studios, Ny. sbd 300m A

03-12-85 (air-date) Pizazz tv , Toronto, Ont. vid 05m A+ (M)

03-23-85 Opera House, Boston, Ma. 2nd show aud 80m B+

03-27-85 Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ont. aud 80m B+

03-29-85 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont. aud 80m B-

03-31-85 Easter Seals Telethon, Toronto,Ont. vid 15m A (M)

04-08-85 w/Eric Johnson,Fast and Cools,Dallas aud 15m A-

04-10-85 Astrodome, Houston, Txs. SSB vid 05m A-

06-07-85 Grant Park, Chicago, IL fm 45m B+

06-14-85 Sante Fe, New Mexico aud 115m B+ (1)

06-30-85 Performing Arts Center, Saratoga,Ny. sbd 80m A-

07-12-85 Antique Theatre, Vienne, France 90min

07-15-85 Montreux jazz Festival, Switz. fm 90m A

07-24-85 Civic Centre, Ottawa, Ont. aud 60m B (M)

07-27-85 El Mocambo jam w/ J.Healey & A.Collins sbd 45m B+

07-29-85 Varsity Arena, Univ.of Tor 35m

07-00-85 "Thrill of a Lifetime" CTV, Toronto vid 05m A-

07-00-85 Munich, Germ. aud 15m B

07-16-85 Umbria Jazz Festival

09-01-85 Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, WA

10-28-85 Rockline, Hollywood, Ca. fm 45m A+ (M)

11-17-85 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Ma. aud 90m A-

11-21-85 The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA 90min

12-07-85 THE ORIENTAL THEATRE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 130m VG+

12-13-85 Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Ga. fm 45m A

00-00-85 Lifetime tv, Vanc. Bc. vid 10m A (M)

02-00-86 Sat Nite Live, Nyc. vid 10m A (M)

02-19-86 Holiday Star Theatre,Merrickville,In aud 90m A-

07-11-86 Harriet Island Riverfest St.Paul,Mn. aud 80m B

07-27-86 Greek Theater, Berkeley w/M.Mitchell aud 80m B+

08-09-86 Spokane, Wash. w/Bonnie Raitt aud 90m B+

09-14-86 Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germ. aud 80m A-

09-15-86 METROPOL, Berlin, Germany - 135m VG+

09-26-86 CIRCUS KRONE, Munich, Germany - 150m VG+

12-07-86 THE ORIENTAL THEATRE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 150m VG+

12-08-86 Rockline, Hollywood, Ca. fm 45m A (M)

12-31-86 Atlanta, Ga. fm 80m A

00-00-86 Dallas, Txs., KBFH fm 40m A+ (M)

00-00-86 jam w/ Alan Haynes

01-13-87 Gold Room, Dallas, Txs. w/ R. Cray aud 70m A-

02-19-87 THE CIVIC CENTER, Charleston, West Virginia - 120m VG+

02-28-87 Presidential Riverboat, New Orleans sbd 60m B+

03-01-87 N.Orleans w/ Neville Bros. 7m

03-25-87 Daytona Beach, Fla. vid 75m A-

04-15-87 Ebony Showcase Theater,LosAngeles,CA vid 60m A (1)

06-10-87 CITY CENTER, Green Bay, Wisconsin - 130m VG

06-16-87 Music Hall, Omaha, Ne. aud 85m A-

08-30-87 Des Moines, Ia. vid 95m A-

10-12-87 Mann Music Centre, Phil. Pa. aud 80m A

10-12-87 Mann Music Centre, Phil. Pa. vid 03m A+ (1)

00-00-87 "It's Only RnR" w/J.Healey, Toronto vid 10m A-

00-00-87 First News, Global tv, Toronto'87 vid 4m A+ (1)

12-31-87 HENRY J. KAISER CENTER, Oakland, California - 125m VG

03-03-88 St.Louis, Missouri vid 90m B+ aud

04-13-88 THE TOWER THEATRE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 120m VG

04-15-88 CARPENTER CENTER, Richmond, Virginia - 120m VG

05-00-88 Skydome, Toronto, Ont. vid 32m A- aud

05-00-88 Much Music Studios,Tor. fm 20m A (M)

05-13-88 MT. ST.MARY COLLEGE, Emmittsburg, Maryland - 135m VG+

06-13-88 Civic Centre Salon, Ottawa, Ont. aud 90m B+ (1)

06-28-88 Grona Lund, Stockholm, Swe. aud 85m A-

07-01-88 Midttfyns Festival, Denmark fm/tv 40m A (1)

07-03-88 Pistoia Blues Fest', Italy sbd 55m A

07-14-88 Bonn, Germ. aud 90m A

07-16-88 Peer, Belgium sbd 90m A-

07-17-88 Kuusrock Festival, Oulu, Finland aud 90m B

08-26-88 Wired tv, London, Eng. vid 08m A+ (M)

10-06-88 The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA aud 90m B+

10-09-88 CONCORD PAVILLION, Concord, California - 135m VG

11-02-88 Skydome, Toronto, Ont. vid 75m B+ aud

00-00-88 The Music Hall, Boston

00-00-88 MTV "The Life and Times of SRV" England vid 32m A

05-06-89 EVERETT CIVIC AUDITORIUM, Everett, Washington - 135m VG+

05-15-89 Rockline, Hollywood, Ca. fm 45m A (M)

09-01-89 Dallas, Txs. Q102 interview fm 15m A

07-30-89 Legends, Chicago w/ Buddy Guy sbd 70m A cd-r

10-10-89 Austin, TX ACL's tv show vid 35m A+ (M)

10-12-89 Night Music tv w/ D.Sanborn vid 10m A (M)

11-02-89 Skydome, Toronto, Ont. aud 90m A- vid

11-11-89 Madison Square Gardens,Nyc.w/J.Beck vid 05m B

11-29-89 McNichols Arena, Denver, Co. fm 75m A

12-02-89 Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA sbd 75m A

01-30-90 MTV "Unplugged" solo 12 str. gtr. vid 10m A (M)

03-28-90 Late Night w/David Letterman vid 05m A (M)

05-04-90 Auditorium Shores, Austin, Txs. aud 75m A

07-10-90 Copp's Coliseum, Hamilton, Ont. aud 85m A-

07-11-90 The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 90 mins

07-15-90 Fox Theatre, St. Louis, Mo. vid 85m A-

07-30-90 Riverfest,Harriet's Island,St.Paul,MN aud 100m B+

08-27-90 Alpine Valley, Troy, Wi. aud 90m B+

08-27-90 Death & Tributes (5x) vid 15m A (1)

00-00-90 Hot Licks gtr tv show vid 05m A (M)

00-00-90 Much Music "Making of Family Style" vid 08m A (M)

00-00-90 MTV "Life & Times of SRV " vid 32m A

06-00-99 CBC interview w/ Tommy Shannon 20m A (M)

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