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Phil And Jill message to interneters

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Hey, gang;

It’s a slow Saturday here, so we thought we’d log on and let you know that in the coming weeks, Furthur will be inaugurating our new community message board soon, and we’d like to invite the Ratdog community to join us there. Some of Furthur’s team will be available online to answer questions and discuss any issues that may arise in the community. furthur.net will have details soon.

This music can only exist in a harmonious balance between the energies of the band and the audience. Negative energy clogs the channels of communication, unbalancing the energy. We really want to keep a positive tone at our shows and on this new board, so we’d appreciate it if any negative sentiments or issues could be dealt with face to face. We travel constantly, and would be very happy to meet with anyone who wants to man or woman up and trash us to our faces.


You game?

Phil and Jill

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