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Xmas Gift Ideas?

Northern Wish

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I'm stumped on ideas to give my parents for things to get me, my brother seemingly owns everything and I have no idea what to get him- and I don't want to miss out on something cool to give or get.

What gifts are you really excited to receive this year?

And what gifts are you stoked to watch someone open?

I'll start:

Juliet, Naked- Nick Hornby BOOK for anyone who likes music, Hornby or books in general.

Tire Pressure Gauge- If you don't have one you can use this to save gas money all year long.

Digital Camera- obvious but with price drops its worth it to pick up a smaller pocket sized camera for someone who already has a big lens model that can't be taken everywhere (this is what my bro might get).

Car Wash Coupons- For Dad or anyone else who likes / needs their vehicle to be clean all winter.

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As the owner of an older house, there's always something requiring repair or renovation. Therefore what I would most like to receive are gift cards from home depot, or a similar store.

2nd row Phish tickets for NYE would be good too.

As for what I will get other people, I haven't given it a whole lot of thought yet. Magazine subscriptions sound like a good idea.

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Donate too a charity in the other persons behalf. Good for older people who have everything and are passionate about certain charity's/causes. Vinyl is always nice ;) even if they don't collect it. It's nice to have a Vinyl of their favorite band to hang up on the wall etc. Art is always nice too. Supporting your local artisan or anything hand made from your community or theirs. Always nice to have something hand made with local flare.

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i'm all for charitable giving. Christmas became a much more meaningful holiday when i was able to ratchet down the consumerism angle.

Kiva does an awesome thing making micro loans to developing world entrepreneurs.

World Vision does a lot of good but they are clearly Christian and have a higher overhead than many similar organizations.

USC Canada is in the same game, but as Unitarians they are so barely religious that you won't even notice.

My favourite is Heifer International. They are committed to sustainable agriculture, and are doing stand up work all over the planet.

merry christmas, freaks!

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I am really excited to see my sister open her Kindle (or a colour printout of one that says she'll get one in the mail shortly after New Years). I ordered it weeks ago!

I've given or received Rolling Stone and Food&Wine Magazines. Great gifts that give all year round.

Lots of people don't have a good coffee grinder. I recommend the Breville one. You don't even know you want one until you have it.

Some favorite gifts I've received have been:



-Patrone (thank you!)

-Julia Child's "The Art of French Cooking" no kitchen should be without this.

- Gift certificate for The Urban Element. It's a really great place for interesting cooking lessons and it includes a dinner of everything you just made! website

- Le Nordik Spa gift certificate in Chelsea website

- Gift certificate to Atelier HOLY COW!!! Website

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Maybe these will work for some people.

1. disposable (recylcable) cameras with developing included. Film is great and should be shared and cherished. It's a real chemical reaction's moment stayed indefinitely.

1.a photofinishing gift cards

2. high quality reusable writing implements (with extra refills or a bottle of ink for fountain pens) if the person doesn't already have these.

3. velcro cable ties for musicians (they're great bu how many people really get them?)

4. Foot-specific socks

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