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as much as tv sucks, it is such a huge part of our culture. i'm happy to not have tv (got an actual tv for vids, but no channels...) but i feel left out sometimes - like now. my time is maybe better spent (?) but it sucks having to ask people to explain what the f they're talking about or just waiting til tv is no longer the topic of conversation.

i miss the simpsons sometimes, that's for sure. they're funny ha ha [Frown]

so, shainhouse - to answer your question ( [Razz] ) with more questions ( [Razz][Razz] ) can it not be both? don't the two media work together to not only illustrate the protest initially put forward through the song, but to also develop the concept of the complexity of what it is that is being protested against and it's insidious presence in our culture in seemingly infinite manifestations?

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