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was a busy day for Trey yesterday....


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It was great, he played like a champ. You could tell he relished the role of supporting musician, which he pulled off great.

It was so predictable to log onto the Phish boards this morning and see tons of people whining and complaining about it, like Trey owes them something and that performing with Dave is offensive. Were they expecting Dave to play "Guyute"? Ha! They all tuned in anyway.....

Good for Trey, I wish I could do the Rochester show. I bet it'll be great!

I bet the SNL will be repeated over and over. Tina Fey aside, it was shockingly not the least bit funny but then I shouldn't have had my hopes up I guess.

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The SNL that was on right after was a classic and hilarious. It was the Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Michael Mckean, Billy Crystal, martin short, jim belushi, years.

The Folksman from A Mighty Wind actually originated on that episode from the early to mid-eighties that had aired last night. They had a hilarious folky interview with the Folksman and then Guest, McKean, SHearer provided a performance of Old Joe's Place on the stage.

Very cool to see.

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