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trying to spend your hard earned cash?

Tungsten Gruvsten

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Just surfing through Ebay today and found some goodies someone might like...

Bob Weir Ibanez Guitar:


Kickin Paradigm speakers!!


Autographed Chuck Jones cel!


and finally my own shameless plug...Proteus 2000 rack mount synth...


everything from hammonds/clavs/rhodes to crazy ass techno sounds...

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Also - Doug - if Ryan only wants a way to play clavs there are better modules out there, for the money. This thing is the most powerful rack synth out there now, it does EVERYTHING...it's got 600 different sounds in it and every one can be altered....hell this thing has 30 different hammond patches, 10-20 electric pianos, and at least 8 clav settings....

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Guest Low Roller


Originally posted by Tungsten Gruvsten:

Hey low roller - i'm coming up to cloud city on wednesday, got a couple surprises for ya!

Oh man, I hope it's not a jab and an uppercut.... [Wink]

Cool man! I'll see you on wednesday!

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