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Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

How f'n great is Sharing the Groove? Honestly. In the past week I've downloaded mint shows by Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, Garcia & Grisman, Static X, Badly Drawn Boy, Keller Williams, moe., and now my latest acquisition is this:


Sting & Branford Marsalis

The Art Of The Heart

July 27, 1988

Wiltern Theater

Los Angeles, CA


Running time: 172 minutes


Someone to Watch Over Me > Sister Moon

The Lazurus Heart > Too Much Information

Englishman in New York

Rock Steady

Straight to my Heart


One World (Not Three)

If You Love Someone (Set Them free)

Bring on the Night > When the world is Running Down

Lonely House

The Idiot Bastard Son (by Frank Zappa)

I Don't Want to Be (guest female singer)


The Promise

If You Love Someone (Set Them free) (Repeated Track)

Bring on the Night - (cuts) (Repeated Track)

--Set 2--

Intro > Blasphemy

They Dance Alone

Consider Me Gone

King of Pain


Be Still My Beating Heart>

Walking in Your Footsteps


Guitar solo>

Little Wing

The Secret Marraige

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Mackie Messer/Mack The Knife

Cario Mie Bien

Ne Me Quitte Pas

Home on the Range

Every Breath You Take


But the list of stuff I was unable to download because there just wasn't enough hard drive space, or blank CDs, or hours in the day, or bandwidth on the network was way longer, and equally as fucking awesome.

And then there's etree!

Argh! Music overload! [Eek!]

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Guest Low Roller

Well that's it. I'm out of hard drive space, and I have no blank discs. But it was worth it. I just downloaded a liberated Kula Shaker bootleg. [big Grin]

Of course, knowing my luck, today STG will have the long-lost Hendrix, Garcia, Morisson, and Lennon jam from a digital soundboard recording featuring a 30 minute Inna-Godda-Da-Vida. [Frown]

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Glad he got 'em, I @-mailed them a few times and was ignored.....I love free jazz and would love to get on there....

Ya-15 new cds of JC. And now the Miles too.....

(I had about half the 'Trane on casette-same cat I got all the SRV from!)

I'm wondering too..what happens if you leave your pc for a week? You'll never catch up....are we just sickos with a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder or ENLIGHTENED BEINGS!!???

It's your fault.......! Nn

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Guest Low Roller

Shazbot! There were Tabla Beat Science shows that I missed?????


ST, which shows are they? I have the Tabla Beat Science show in Montreal from 2002 Jazzfest I'm willing to trade for.

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Tabla Beat Science

June 21, 2002

The Fillmore

San Francisco, CA

Source: FOB Schoeps CCM4 > P/S > M1

Transferred by: Jagjit Chadha

Disc 1 (49:42)

01 Taaruf > Sacred Channel (16:16)

02 Menge Degna (12:43)

03 Ap Ke Baras (7:09)

04 Tala Matrix (13:34)

Disc 2 (72:36)

01 Magnetic Dub (14:55)

02 Satellite (10:02)

03 Trajic (12:21)

04 Devotional Dub (19:49)

-- Encore --

05 Laswell Tune (15:29)

Notes: This show was filmed professionally for possible DVD release.


Zakir Hussain - Tabla

Sultan Khan - Sarangi, Vocals

Ejigayohu "Gigi" Shibabaw - Vocals

Bill Laswell - Bass

Karsh Kale - Drums, Tabla

DJ Disk - Turntable

Midival Punditz - Laptop, Electronics

Fabian Alsultany - Synthesizers


Tabla Beat Science

Theatre Maisonneuve, Montreal Jazz Festival



Source: FOB (14th row) Sonic Studios Sonics>M1

Transfer: Dat>Pro Tools>CD

Taped and transferred by K. Shapiro

SHN conversion done using EAC in secure mode (100% track quality).

D1 7 Tracks

D2 2 Tracks


Zakir Hussain - tabla

Bill Laswell - bass

Ustad Sultan Khan - sarangi

Karsh Kale - drums and tabla

i'm assuming the second show was there show your referring to, BUT, stay tuned for the SECOND TUBES LIST FINALIZATION when i offer an unlimited b&p....

no limit on shows, no limit on people....

its going to be madness....

stay tuned

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Thanks Esau & 2ndtube for making me a total addict to STG- it's completely taken over, my pc was down to .844mb /80 gigs yesterday!!I can't burn fast enought to keep up with the onslaught, esp. the Led Zep --what's weird is most of the heavy seeding comes from people who live or have lived in Ottawa!!

My family think I've totally lost it now "Why is the pc never off?" "is that all you do?" "Spend some time with us" "Hydro's going up 30%"

LAst night I actually left it off and watched the Hendrix dvds I just got....whew....

ANd now COltrane disc 5 has been d/l and tonight disc 6 will be up...


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