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More Slip to soothe your soul!!!-Bit torrents


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Ok,so the Toronto Slip shows up on etree and I found two more shows for download.

Lovin all this Slip hittin the BT format latley,an addict needs his Slip.

The Slip

7/17/03 Rocks Off Boat Cruise New York, NY

Source: ortf Neumann KM184> Canare Quad Cables> Lunatec V3> DA-P1 44.1khz

Transfer: DAT Master> Coax> Audiophile 2496> Wavelab 4> CD Wave> MKWact

recorded, transfered, and mastered by Clinton Vadnais

Disk One:

1. Sea Legs 10:56

2. Brooklin 5:14 Steely Dan

3. Soft Machine 9:28

4. ? 3:20

5. Spice Groove 23:12

6. Proud Mary 7:32 Creedence Clearwater Revival

7. Mudslide* 16:44

Disk Two:

1. If One of Us Should Fall 9:45

2. ?> 6:06

3. Children of December 10:44

4. Drifting 8:59 Herbie Hancock

5. Rhythm and Gold 17:35

6. Simmer Down> 6:58 Wailers

7. Sorry> 4:26

8. ?> 3:40

9. Sorry 3:59

*with "America the Beatiful" jam

The Slip 7/17/03 Rocks Off Boat Cruise New York, NY


The Slip


Amherst Common

Earth Day Festival

Amherst, MA

" Source: Nuemann KM184> Canare Quad> Lunatec V3> DA-P1> RCA to 1/8"> Creative laptop soundcard

recorded by Jason Booth with patch from Clinton Vadnais. " (not on txt file of torrent...found out afterwards)

Set I:

1) December's Children -> 74

2) The Witch in the Kitchen

3) Back in Fifteen Minutes

4) Moral Decay

5) Get Me with Fuji

6) Dear Melina

7) Love and Tears*

8) Mr. Meowskers*

Notes: * Brad on 12-string green electric

The Slip 04/27/2003 Amherst Common,Earth Day Festival,Amherst, MA

WOO-HOO!! -[big Grin]-[big Grin]

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And for those that want more keep your eye on theslip.com in the next few weeks. There's talk of some mass BT seeding from the man himself (Cleantone0 who's recorded most of the shows being offered up. Details to follow. Giddy-UP.

And whos got my heady Montreal Recording? Wierdness?

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