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reasons why bones & smellypants need...


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huh? Does this mean you'll be hanging out with yourself?

the man with the SmellyPants is REAL...believe you me [Roll Eyes]

he won't remain elusive forever!

earthfreak, POG am I hangin' with myself here?

you've smelt the stench!

Heh, Smelly...I'll buy you a ticket to Moe.Nero for tonight if you're ready to reveal yourself!

call my cell if you're in, but we are pickin' POG up at 3pm from his work!

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I know that that me and bones arnt the same person but I do enjoy the mystery.


so there all you non-believers

smellypants and I were conjoined at the ass from birth, however we were separated years ago!

Unfortunately, poor smelly got stuck with the stench, while my ass is glistening clean and fresh!

go ahead LMP, Meg...take a whif [big Grin][Razz]

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poooooooo-eeeeee is smellypants ever real.

[Roll Eyes] i can hardly believe you non-believers don't smell the rancid pungent reek.

if you're fortunate enough to survive an encounter with the smelly man himself you will have a whole new world perspective. at least, stuff will smell funny. [Razz][Roll Eyes][Eek!][Razz]

for real, bob (aka smellyP) is a good dude, just stuck in the backwoods, so y'all may not have the pleasure of meeting him any time soon.

bones, his alter-ego, y'all probably will get to meet, but don't get too close, i'm not sure who the name SP suits better [Razz]

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let's get all this PASSION out in the open once and for all

double date for the Starship show in January


Starship Featuring

Mickey Thomas

Fri., Jan. 30 & Sat., Jan. 31


Tickets start at $18*

• • • • • • • •

Performing hits like: "We Built This City", "Sara" & "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now".

wait a minute...I think megrocker and littlemisspink must be one and the same! Along with your other 13 personalities SYBIL...if that's even your real name [Wink]

who else would think of such a clever alias...disguise yourself in a pair of smellypants, who would ever notice [Roll Eyes]

To the REAL smellypants...I have a dvd for you dude.

SteveO 3-Out on Bail...good lord those guys are messed up! It was going to be a gift in the first place, but I was too curious and had to watch.

Damn...wish now I never had [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!]

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