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ya moe. and nero!


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you know...

i thought the phoenix was a wicked venue.

loved the nero set (what i caught - lemon dust is probably my favourite tune so i'm happy!).

moe. i didn't love this time, i thought it was all a bit much. a bit too heavy for my taste. but, i can completely respect the fact that they probably get sick of playing the songs they know are going to be crowd pleasers all the time. i think it's important that they have the freedom to do different things at their shows. didn't really do it for me, but i look forward to seeing them again next time around. i hope this doesn't mean i'm getting old and cranky!!!

of course it was great to see the skancs out in force. lots of friendly peeps to meet up with.

hope everybody had fun and hope to see more people this weekend in london.


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