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Gratefulfest 2011

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Would love nothing better than to head back to NLQP after a couple of years off :( Such a good time and good people. We'll have to see how our sched unfolds.

Good to see you 'round here again CptSnshne

Would love to see you and the fam again!

I've been pretty busy with the new addition to our family, but you know Gratefulfest always brings me back to this site! :content:

Hope you will be able to make it this year!

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Not on nlqp.com, but on Dark Star's main page, they have Papa Mali and (drumroll....) CORNMEAL added!

I'm so pumped for Cornmeal to be back! :dance:

Also, nlqp changed it from 3 nights of DSO to 4 nights, then back to 3 for some reason, so maybe another sound-check night is in the works??? That would be pretty heady..

Will there be any Canadian Gfest survivors after Phish's big announcement? I know we really want to make Super Ball IX, but the Ledges is just a way better environment for a 10 month old, plus it's the LEDGES!

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This is SOOOO tempting with both RRE and Cornmeal on the bill. And with the possibility of a dance-off on the beach! :) But I am still leaning toward taking a Phishing trip. Having said that, no firm decisions have been made yet ... I still need to see what the plan is for the rest of my family and a few other friends before making summer festival plans ...

Peace, Mark

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