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Gratefulfest 2011

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Hahahaha!!! Totally forgot that Bryn was our "manny" until he had to leave :P

I'd totally love to do it again this year after being absent the last couple :(

I have it on the calendar and so far it's not in conflict with anything. We need a kiddie-corral :) Mine will be 7 and 9 by then ... i want to go i want to go :D

Here's the "manny" watching the kids:


and here's the "manny" half an hour later:


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From nlqp.com:



about 3pm with SpikeDrivers

about 4:20 Cornmeal

8pm DSO


10:30ish JiMiller Band

Noonish Donna Jean Godchaux

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Railroad Earth

Dark Star Orchestra

(Skydivers at 8:00)

more DSO!

(Madness at setbreak!)



Rusted Root

Keller Williams


(skydivers at 8:00)

(Fireworks at set break)

Second stage will consist of-

a lot more throughout the weekend!

And lots of late night acoustic fun in the wee hours.


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Yay, Joni! And I'm positive you're meat-filled fantasy of the return of the hot dog suit will come true.. :P

We're so excited, and Little Sunshine is looking forward to her first Gratefulfest as well! We plan on arriving Wednesday to enjoy some pre-festival days as usual.

Anyone else in? Kanada Kev? The Blurrys? I know Tigger and Becky will be there, but it'd be great to see some more Canadians!

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July 1-3 Grateful Fest Schedule:

Thursday: Rumpke Mountain Boys

Friday July 1st

Boombox 12-2:00

Second Stage The Spike Drivers 2:00-3:45

Cornmeal 4:00-6:00

Second Stage David Gans 6:00-6:30

DSO 7:00-11:00

Saturday July 2nd

Second Stage 11:00-12:30 Jim Miller

Donna Jean 12:30-2:30

Second Stage: New Riders 2:45-5:00

Main Stage

Railroad Earth 5:15 -7:10

Second Stage David Gans 7:10-7:40

DSO 7:40 - 11:00

Sunday July 3rd

Second Stage 12:00-2:00 Folkadelic

2:00 - 3:45 Rusted Root

Second Stage 3:45 - 5:15 JGB and Melvin Seals


Keller Williams 5:15-7:00

David Gans on Second Stage 7:00-7:30

DSO 7:30-11:00

See y'all soon!

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Well have a great time Rob. Speaking of kids, we should get ours together. Sorry we didn't get to chat too much at Truckers either (a little loud) ;)

No worries about DBT. A little loud but lots of fun.

We'll miss you guys for sure. Simon and Rowan will have to get some play time down the road.

We'll be up on the Bruce the second week in July. If you are around the cottage let us know and we'll stop by. Do you know if Russ and Ang are planning on hitting up NLQP this year?

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Not sure actually. I know they were contemplating it. We're up on the Bruce sometime around the 15th or 16th I believe thru the following week? I guess that might mean we just miss you for that too? Drag. Let me know if its otherwise. Sorry for the highjack!

On a related note for this thread, the line-up looks fantastic for the Ledges. A little piece of me will be floating around there for sure in spirit.

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Some last minute plans fell into place so that Liana and I were able to make it to Gratefulfest for the Friday & Saturday. We had a blast! It was particularly enjoyable for me to share this event with Liana, as her last Grateful Dead experience was in the summer of 1993.

Musical highlights for me include the sets by Cornmeal and Railroad Earth, and the Saturday night set by DSO - they played a killer show from '77. Dancing on the beach in the summer with a few thousand deadheads ... sweet!!!

Other highlights include the hours spent swimming and floating in the quarry, and time spent with many Canadian friends who made it to the festival.

Captainsunshine, you and Baj were missed! I heard that your vehicle broke down - what a drag that you couldn't make it!

We couldn't stay for Sunday as we had to get back to Ontario for a family visit and to get Liana to work on Monday, but the two days spent at Gratefulfest 2011 were fabulous!

Peace, Mark

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Sounds awesome Mark. Yeah I have to get myself back there real soon one of these fine days. REALLY sorry to hear about the breakdown news though Captain and Baj! What a drag! I know how much you look forward to this. I hope you were able to salvage your weekend as much as possible.

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