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The Dead Interview on 60 Minutes II


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(CBS) When Jerry Garcia died eight years ago, most people thought that was the end of The Grateful Dead, the band he led.

But the surviving members are back together now and talking about the event that tore the group apart.

In a candid interview to be broadcast on 60 Minutes II, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, the surviving members of The Grateful Dead took Correspondent Charlie Rose back to Haight-Ashbury, where their legend was born.

Band members talked for the first time about Garcia’s death in the following excerpt from Rose's interview:

Rose: "The idea that he died so young -- as brothers, don't you want to say to him...."

Phil Lesh: "We tried. We tried desperately. It's one of the biggest tragedies or the biggest bring-downs of my whole life to know that he loved the drug more than he loved us."

Rose: "I love the drug more than I love giving it up?"

Lesh: "I love that drug more than I love the music."

Rose: "I find that hard to imagine."

Lesh: "I did, too. I did, too, but there it was staring us in the face."

Rose: "Because you could see it in front of you. You knew. You knew."

Lesh: "I'm sorry to say, yes. Yes, we knew."

Rose: "That one day you would get a call, sooner rather than later: Jerry's gone."

Lesh: "I felt like I had mourned him already when I got the call, and I had been mourning him for years. He was gone for years."

Billy Kreutzmann: "Missing in action."

Lesh: "What a waste."


60 Minutes II

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