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ha ha ha, no doubt! heehee, i still laugh out loud every time i think about his roomate trying to figure that one out.

hmmm, it's a little late in the season for tomato polishing.... maybe he's in zat russian class and trying to wade through the facts of falsehoods.

i think salmon should join us on the board too! sweetmarieness, see what you can do to hook that one up. we need her salmon love.

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I've been kinda busy here... Also... here's a bit of a challenge for you guys:

We're doing a short film about "NoHeart" from the carebears...

NoHeart gets all depressed and looks at himself in the mirror, a tear rolls out of his hood. The time is like, 3 in the morning. And he finally decides to fire Shrieky and Beastly and take matters into his own hands... So he's working out and getting buff, kickboxing, swordfighting, sharpening knives... Then at the end we see a vision of carealot from the distance, NoHeart's shadow emerges, and stomps on a cloud.

The point is... I need some ultra-dramatic music for when he's working out... So does anyone know who does that classical stuff that's at the beginning of "The Cable Guy" or what?

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[tapping foot impatiently] yes yoseph, come on now, we are anxiously awaiting your grand entrance. fuckin' give'r is right! oh and please send warm wishes to your tinkerbell ladylove for me. if she's lurking, she can appear anytime as well. heh heh

marie, you freaking browner, way to go!!!!!!

we'll have to have a celebratory night of debauchery at its best(worst? [Wink] ) to mark this blessed occasion.


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Listen Sis... If it wasn't for your excellent knowledge of music... I would say that "them's (how come you never asked ME to be in this short film of your's??? huh???) Fightin' words.. and I would reckon that this here film ain't big enough for the both of us...

Unless you want to be shrieky.

But let's face it... I know you too well to be lulled into thinking that you would settle for so menial a part. The second you set foot on the shoot you would be gunning for NoHeart... and there's only one of Curt's children who could take on such a demanding role... and I think we all know who that is.

It's you me.

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Oh fine then, hog the spotlight. Being the OLDER more MATURE sister I thought I'd share... but NOOOOOOOOO.

I'm telling.

Ok, actually I'd settle for being a little pink carebear bouncing around in the bushes through the whole thing. I don't need any speaking parts, I just want to hang out in the background. Think that can be arranged?

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