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Ottawa Dose Anyone?


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The following are your Phantasy moe. Daily Dose picks for

11/12/03 Barrymore's Music Hall, Ottawa, ON

10: It

9: McBain

8: Recreational Chemistry

7: Buster

6: Sensory Deprivation Bank

5: Four

4: 32 Things

3: Spine Of A Dog

2: Bearsong

1: Johnny Lineup

this one's at home people, get your picks in [big Grin]

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MTL Dose Time...gotta do better than last night, only got McBain.

11/13/03 The Cabaret Du Plateau, Montreal, QC

10: Buster

9: Spine Of A Dog

8: 32 Things

7: Recreational Chemistry

6: Tambourine

5: Brent Black

4: Four

3: Sensory Deprivation Bank

2: Timmy Tucker

1: Johnny Lineup

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