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snarfmaster C


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hells ya

a 1987 sportster 1200

sexy as fuck

makes the rebel ride like a leafblower :P

speaking of which, it's a beauty day, i'm goin for a cruise :cool:

happy ridin, folks!

You rock missy. Now only if you would jump on that Harley and come visit me!!!! That would realy rock..mind you heading OUT to California and jumping on your ride..would rock more!

Misssss you.

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How's the new Yamaha running now?

My 2011 Royal Enfield is a dream machine :)

I've got it up to 75kms already...haha

I'm off for an afternoon cruise.

Hope to ride up to Collingwood for a visit soon Pit

Here's a pic of my new wheels


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awesome :)

how do yer 500cc's do at highway speeds?

maybe i should meet ya halfway, and we could cruise around from there?

i put over 1000km on mine in the first week and a half! i think i'm in love.

p.s. why'd ya have to bring up my harley post? i miss it. trying to forget...

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