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Karl Denson and Hllside

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friday goes 6pm to 11pm

saturday is 11am to 11pm

sunday is 10am to 11pm

three main stages, on a beautiful parklike island.

music always playing somewhere.

kids are expected. no dogs allowed.

strollers just fuck up all pathways.

free cool water.

orion drums, tiedye t's, artist cd tent, and yam stew.

oh, and yeah, i forgot, a 25 to 30 minute walk back out to your car in the dark after the tunes wind down.

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campsites are booked the year in advance usually but don't take my word for it. (jaybone??) and no RVs or trailers that I've ever seen but I could be wrong on that too- we only camped one year as we live in Guelph so back and forth is pretty ok. But now that i think of it I imagine you can RV it in the campground

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I can't believe that no one seems to care about this??? Does no one know one of the greatest Sax players of our day> he plays a mean flute too.

I definitely care about this ... I'm a big Karl Denson fan! He's a great player and his band is uber-groovy!

And not too long ago I came across a cool picture of Karl Denson that somebody gave me for my birthday almost 7 years ago. ;)

If I am in Ontario for the Hillside weekend I will definitely be going.

Thanks for sharing the news!

Peace, Mark

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