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dima's going to Czech Republic and Prague

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You're totally gonna enjoy Prague. It's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Most people at the hotels, bars, restaurants and other tourist places speak English. Some of the sights you'll see for sure include Prague Castle and the Main Square, the river and bridges.

It has been a long time since I was there, I can't recall any specific names of good bars and restaurants, but it's very walkable city. Start at the Old Town Square and you can't go wrong.

It's a great country, especially if you like beer and beautiful women!

If you're into beer you'd like the brewery tours in Plzen and České Budějovice.

Český Krumlov is a beautiful picturessque town worth visiting.

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Prague is my most favourite city in all of Europe! I'd move there if i weren't so tied to, um... Chatham.

Anyway - stay in or as close to Old Town Square as possible... there's cheap hostels all around it. That way you can walk everywhere you'd want to possibly be, and Old Town Square is where you'll probably want to spend most of your time. Lots and lots of good restaurants are everywhere, drink pilsner, eat the dumplings and goulash and weird cabbage everythings, get drunk on absinthe in shady eastern european underground-like bars that are everywhere. Fuck i love that city.

Spend at least a day just walking around with nothing else to do as the architecture's been standing since the 12th and 13th centuries (Prague somehow got spared in the wars). This was my most favourite thing of all... the statues are the most intense i've ever seen, the bridges over the river unbelievable, the buildings themselves so inspiring.

Other things to do:

Get drunk

Sit and sit some more on 1 of a thousand outdoor patios

Jewish Quarter/Old Jewish Cemetary - awe-inspiring/speech-stopping

Prague Castle - castle's cool and very fairy-tale-ish, but the view of the city below is the best (imo)

Paddle boat on the river, cause it's fun/beautiful and awesome to laze around on a beautiful river

Churches - i forget the names, but there's some absolutely beautiful ones around Old Town Square

St. Charles' bridge - they set up a market on the bridge every... Saturday maybe? it's cool - saw the coolest gypsy jazz band there, and the bridge itself is unreal

Walk around - again, this is the best- Eastern Europe is great for all the shady narrow streets with surprises around every corner

Torture Museum - i forget the name of it, but it's halfway between Old town and the castle and it's pretty cool... fits in well with Prague's shady theme

Wenceslas Square is hyped up on trip advisor, etc. as something to see, but i didn't find it anything too crazy - it's newer than old town, and more like a trendy shopping area than anything else. But it's only a couple of blocks from old town, so i guess it's something to add to the list.

Anyway, have fun, i'm jealous!

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