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Fish & Bird


This has been one of my new favs lately (new-to-me that is). This folky-fivesome from BC, who got its name from the Tom Waits tune, has great recordings and I've heard a variety of ppl rave about their live sound. And...lucky for us they are touring hard and heavy right now. A combo of venues and quasi-public house concerts.

May 10 The Pearl CompanyHamilton, Ontario , CA

May 11 The Albion HotelGuelph, CA

May 12 Cameron HouseToronto, Ontario , CA

May 13 The GildToronto, Ontario, CANADA

May 14 House ConcertPeterborough, Ontario, CANADA

May 15 L'Inspecteur ÉpingleMontréal, Québec,

...and that is just a snippet of the dates. They are going all the way out east and playing shows all the way back too.

I plan to see 'em in Guelph on Wednesday. Unless of course any of you fine folks are looking for a pretty lady to accompany you to see Neil at Massey. But barring any Neil Young miracles I'll be Fishing & Birding. :)

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And now onto Weird News.....

I have never heard of this band you are speaking of (well that I can remember anyways), but just yesterday in unpacking a few boxes from a recent move I found the cd case (no cd) for Fish and Birds' "Left Brain Blues".

If it is yours, claim it. If not I'll download the music and use the cool little sleeve.

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