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ESPANOLA's gonna country-rock you, SoOn.


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Folks, I've returned to my old country-surf-rock project called ESPANOLA. I made a little EP about three years ago and followed that by recording a full-length record. I played a bunch of gigs in Hamilton and Toronto, even played at Ghost Town one summer. But then I got involved in my other band Huron and shelved the Espanola LP before releasing it. Now I plan to release it, perhaps at the end of this year or early next year. And I'm getting things going with a little Southern Ontario run. I'll have in tow a new CD single with two cuts from the record and a B-side that won't appear on the record. A 7" release will follow in a couple months, and possibly another before the full-length.

I'm playing some real small rooms, but I still might have trouble putting people in them. It's essentially a brand-new project that nobody gives a shit about. I'm hoping you can help me with that, skankeroos, it'd be so awesome of you. I'm bringing what I consider to be a great live band with me:

Anna "The Rudder" Ruddick - bass

[You know her from Ladies of the Canyon]

Adam Balsam - drums

[You know him from the Most Serene Republic]

Nathan Gray - guitar

[You will know him real soon from Espanola]

It'll be ragged and sometimes loud, and sometimes quieter, and always twangy, and very surfy, a little riffy, and most always sing-along-able.

Here are the dates:

Thurs June 2 - Peterborough - The Spill (w Dave Tough)

Fri June 3 - Ottawa - Raw Sugar (w Dave Tough)

Sat June 4 - Toronto - Silver Dollar (w Little Foot Long Foot, Shotgun Wedding Band)

Mon June 6 - St. Catharines - Mansion House (w Wayne Petti & the Thieves)

Wed June 8 - Hamilton - This Ain't Hollywood (w Ladies of the Canyon + Wayne Petti & The Thieves)

Fri June 10 - Welland - The Rex Hotel (w Grey Kingdom)

Sat June 11 - Guelph - Jimmy Jazz (w Wayne Petti solo)

A million thanks, and hope to see you some of you at the shows (looking at you, Ottawa)!

Tour facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=173483369376626

Ottawa facebook event, which is a bit hurtin right now:


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Dave Tough used to be the banjo player in The Silver Hearts; great musician and great dude all 'round.

Totally, a fine guy, and I was stoked to be able to book a couple gigs with him.

There's a rumour that he'll be playing with a full band...which I will confirm as soon as I can...

And also I'm hoping for a couple tunes from his cassette-only country album that I was recently turned onto. Released around 98-99 I think?

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like the clip - sounds nice!

Seems like its more up my alley than the Huron disc I bought (no offence - great musicianship!)

Indeed - this project is much closer to home for me. More raggedy goodness. Maybe a little more from the heart?

Not to say I don't love playing in Huron. Maybe just that my songs for this band are a lot more singable.

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