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Ottawa - acoustic dead friendly venue?

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o'connells on wellington just up from the carleton has open acoustic jam on sunday and open stage saturday with some very talented individuals in attendance.

the musicians tend to outnumber the audience.

would happily join in on althea if you graced the pub

got half step rider and baby blue in my rep down there and i would always like more dead. andy mason of four way street likes to spring the odd dead on people down there as well when were lucky enough to have him show up.

tiny place but fun

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dude, my back yard is dead friendly!! and i have a fire pit too!! but its a little ways from ottawa. probably get more people here than some sleazy bar. jus kiddin. great work, im still listening as we speak. this will be my "web surfin" music this morning. very well done!!!

Well bro - I am out in Stittsville so if you are anywhere close by - fire up the pit and let me know when and where :-P

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Thanks guys for the pointers. I'll defiantly be following up on both places. So hard to find a place with a vibe that lets these tunes shine. I've been playin' Hunter's "Book of Daniel" a lot lately (I call it my vocal whore tune) - wicked tune - but damn I bet you'd be hearing crickets and cicadas sing if I ever tried to pull that off! haha

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