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Arcade Fire w/David Byrne

Kanada Kev

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First link worked fine for me ...

Thanks Kanada Kev!

Speaking in tongues was the name of the album, not a song. is that track the entire album? or, a new song altogether?

It's the single

On 27 June, Arcade Fire will release a repackaged version of their Grammy award-winning album, The Suburbs (their Grammy win, for Album of the Year, was such a surprise in America that "Who Is Arcade Fire?" became an internet meme). Not only will the new version feature the Spike Jonze-directed short film, Scenes from the Suburbs, it also comes with two brand new songs – Speaking in Tongues and Culture War.
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Don't expect too much .. it is a fine track, and typically Arcade Fire, but the David Byrne content is pretty minimal. He (almost inaudibly) woops and barks in the background. Shame, because they seem such a natural pairing that they could probably make something really beautiful if they genuinely collaborated together.

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