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Boob Flashing - Premature Ejection/Ejaculation


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from this article: http://www.ottawasun.com/2011/06/01/female-flasher-prompts-premature-ejection

I couldn't help but wonder if they chose that headline as a sexual innuendo...or freudian slip. Whatever the case, the story itself is interesting because lately whenever someone does something stupid and gets in trouble for it, they end up making the news...and demand an apology. Like the folks that decided to break the law at the Lincoln memorial and dance around, only to get arrested and make the news for this.

She's claiming that she took it in the rear from the staff, yet it's wasn't really hard enough for anyone to jump on top of. I'm sure security gave her a mouthful on the way out.

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Like the folks that decided to break the law at the Lincoln memorial and dance around, only to get arrested and make the news for this.

Jefferson memorial. The whole thing is much more ironic being the Jefferson memorial rather than the Lincoln memorial.

D.C. Park Police: If you come out here and you demonstrate by dancing, you will be placed under arrest. Does everybody understand that? ... and you will spend the weekend in jail.

Citizen: But sir, that's illegal. What would we be charged with?

D.C. Park Police: You are too far away from the city to allow citation to reappear, therefore they lock you up and hold you.

Citizen: What exactly would be the violation?

D.C. Park Police: You'll find out.

Citizen: What law is that?

D.C. Park Police: I'm just giving you the warnings right now.

Citizen: You're telling us you'll arrest us, but you're not telling us under what law or under what authority...

D.C. Park Police: If you're dancing in here, we're gonna [unintelligible]... [walks away]

It's not an altogether throwaway issue. The point of it is that Americans do not have a constitutional right to dance in public spaces, even if only dancing silently. The larger issue that this is being used to underline is the expansion of what many see as a police state. Dancing is just one way to call attention to it.

RE: The Sun article, I think they were pretty aware of the title being innuendo. Cheeky buggers. :)

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