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Look ma, I'm on the teevee


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Ahoyhoy, so in between resurrecting the Espanola project and all that, I got a really nice call to come play in the band City & Colour, which you may know is the solo project of a guy named Dallas Green. And some of you may know that I've been playing steel guitar with a guy named Daniel Romano, who makes impeccable classic country records and also happens to be Dallas' guitar player.

Anyhow yesterday I played a pretty ridiculous show to about 2000+ outside of the new CFNY/Corus building at Sugar Beach, where throngs of young kids knew my name and wanted pictures with me. Strange stuff. I've played to big crowds before but they're usually old and/or in lawn chairs.

Anyhow today, all those of you who have cable might wanna tune into MTV today at 6:25, where you'll see me joyfully steeling along to the new single "Fragile Bird". Huzzah!

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