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NHL buyouts... who gets the pink slip?

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

The buyout window is coming up (June 15th-30th), and there are a bunch of terrible contracts out there that are prime for a buyout (Chris Drury).

Capgeek.com has a cool Buyout Calculator tool which is fun to play with.

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..and the Caps should consider this:

Nicklas Backstrom buyout from CapGeek.com

â–  2011-12: $1,829,630

â–  2012-13: $1,829,630

â–  2013-14: $1,829,630

â–  2014-15: $1,329,630

â–  2015-16: $1,329,630

â–  2016-17: $829,630

â–  2017-18: $329,630

â–  2018-19: $329,630

â–  2019-20: -$170,370

â–  2020-21: $1,129,630

â–  2021-22: $1,129,630

â–  2022-23: $1,129,630

â–  2023-24: $1,129,630

â–  2024-25: $1,129,630

â–  2025-26: $1,129,630

â–  2026-27: $1,129,630

â–  2027-28: $1,129,630

â–  2028-29: $1,129,630

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Guest Low Roller

They still have to pay him his buyout salary, but because of the calculations used for determining the cap hit for a buyout contract, the cap hit ends up being negative. (check out Capgeek for the full breakdown).

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Guest Low Roller

According to Bob McKenzie, any player that will be bought out tomorrow has to be placed on unconditional waivers today at noon. The hot rumour going around was that the Rangers were going to buy Chris Drury in order to bring in Richards, however that idea may now be quashed due to an injury to Drury.

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